BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Free Agency doesn’t open until after Round 1.


Ah, thanks


You could loophole it to get him in :wink:




I thought you could only have 1 ruck per side?
I’m not swapping out Grundy especially as he will tear the Cats makeshift rucks to pieces tonight




My team is crushed. I’m fielding 16.

Is it too early to tank.


Before this round you could have had any position in your utility position. So were able to have Grundy in R and Nankervis at Utility.

With thursday games, teams aren’t fully locked until start of Friday (just the players who play thursday).

So if you really wanted Nank’s score, you’ve got two options:

  1. Move Grundy into your Util Slot and keep the Ruck empty (Nank being on your bench will get the R score)

  2. Keep your Utility spot empty and make sure the first two emergency/bench players will definitely not play eg. Armitage/Bytel (since you can’t re-order Nank 1st since he has played)


Cheers. I should pay more attention asI didn’t even know there was a utility spot :grinning:


It came in over the offseason to try and offset the number of donuts we had in teams due to lack of C’s in FA pool (we had it in a previous year)


Well, I’ve managed to field a full side, but no R Marshall, Acres, Rioli , Narkle or Bonar is far from ideal.


BBFFL#2 Round 1 Preview
redbull vs Don to Death
UF Prediction: redbull 1530 Don to Death 1271
Head to Head: redbull 6 Don to Death 2
Last time: redbull 1482 Defeated Don to Death 1314 Round 18 2018
Finishing Position 2018: redbull 1st Don to Death 10th

Come Back Hirdy vs No. 5
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1344 No. 5 1501
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 3 No. 5 6
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1316 Defeated No. 5 1173 Round 14 2018
Finishing Position 2018: Come Back Hirdy 9th No. 5 12th

Birch19 vs maxx
UF Prediction: Birch19 1430 maxx 1074
Head to Head: Never previously met
Finishing Position 2018: Birch19 8th maxx 17th (coached by Westozziebomber)

Wezza vs Ivan
UF Prediction: Wezza 1564 Ivan 1414
Head to Head: Wezza 2 Ivan 0
Last time: Wezza 1375 Defeated Ivan 1136 Round 14 2018
Finishing Position 2018: Wezza 3rd Ivan 15th

Crazy Bomber vs Laverde2Langford
UF Prediction: Crazy Bomber 1233 Laverde2Langford 1079
Head to Head: Never previously met
Finishing Position 2018: Crazy Bomber 18th (coached by Vandrs) Laverde2Langford 6h (coached by 51 Bewick)

Stoops vs Fogdog
UF Prediction: Stoops 1344 Fogdog 1241
Head to Head: Never previously met
Finishing Position 2018: Stoops 16th Fogdog 2nd (coached by Bargey)

TrevorBix vs cafegerat
UF Prediction: TrevorBix 1109 cafegerat 1418
Head to Head: TrevorBix 2 cafegerat 5
Last time: TrevorBix 1235 Lost to cafegerat 1282 Round 10 2018
Finishing Position 2018: TrevorBix 13th cafegerat 4th

The Ant vs Aceman
UF Prediction: The Ant 1321 Aceman 1387
Head to Head: Never previously met
Finishing Position 2018: The Ant 14th (coached by Eggs) Aceman 5th

Match of the Round
saladin vs The Melkman
UF Prediction: saladin 1397 The Melkman 1303
Head to Head: saladin 1 The Melkman 4
Last time: saladin 1183 Lost to The Melkman 1442 Round 14 2018
Finishing Position 2018: saladin 11th The Melkman 7th


Very happy with 86 from Willem Drew. Hopefully I may have found a fantasy player at pick 25. Only disappointment is that he was named at first emergency rather than on the field.


Having a lot of underperformed players so far.


The lack of historical team stats on the uf home page is annoying. Id like to be able to track the progress of my side historically from say pazza’s last year to now.

If only someone had maintained a spreadsheet over all those years…

Anyway, draft reprise:

Very happy with papley’s game last night and his midfield minutes.

Bailey Smith was a deer in the headlights early but started to find his rhythm. Had a few nice moments and showed the power he has in his game a few times. Encouraging signs.

Jordan Dawson (trade) has nice hands and is composed, knows how to use his size but is still building strength. Think he’ll develop well over the next few years.

Looking forward to seeing how Scott goes today.

Mccarthey, Weller and bastinac all delivered as mature age role players.

Now if only will Brodie could start getting a farking game.


How do FAs work in this league? What is the process? I’m gonna need to hit it pretty hard I think.


Damn my team changes didn’t save. Would of lost anyway.


It’s all done on UF.
You put in your RFA’s and they’re processed around midnight friday morning based on the reverse ladder after R1 (@redbull will fix this after R1)

Then once the RFA’s are allocated, the other players are unrestricted. So you can freely add/drop players until the first game starts (which wont affect your RFA position).


Emergency changes have been made. I noiticed Sam Collins’ score hasn’t shown up for @TrevorBix. Will check after the final game to see if this corrects itself.


Masten 34
Doedee 38 and ACL
Viney 47
Petracca 54
Hutchings 52
Bellchambers 50
Curnow 41
Burgess 25

■■■■ you fantasy football and ■■■■ you Essendon.