BBFFL#2 2019 Mid season trade discussion


Welcome to the Mid season trade period.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc etc

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

Ok so i will kick this off with players i’ll consider trading.

Ricky Henderson - C - 104.1 - With no score lower than 73 and highs of 143, 141, 125, 113, 108, 103 etc Traded to Saladin
David Zaharakis - C - 89.8 - We all know about Zaka Traded to Melk.
Brad Ebert - CF - 90.7 - Ave is lower due to being concussed on 31 last game and with highs of 121, 121, 109 Traded to Saladin
Jack Redden - C - 91.7 - High scores of 137, 127, 120

Of lesser interest
Michael Hibberd - B
Darcy Tucker - C

I am looking for draft picks or young to middle aged players or a combination. However don’t ask me what i want for them. If you are interested in trading for them make me an offer and i will respond.


As mentioned several times in the other thread, I am in the market for good forwards. If you have forwards averaging above 70 (ideally above 80), come talk to me.


ill give up my 1st round pick for a good back.


Really not sure what I will be doing this trade period yet. My team still has the makings of a good side, but there are just so many players underperforming this year. God damn premiership hangovers.


I will give up my first round pick for a strong ruck.


Goldstein and Howe are on the table, would need a playing ruck as steak knives in a deal for Goldy (no matter how poor) but very gettable.


If only.


Everyone on my team is on the table. I’m a keen trader and want to make this team my own.

Contenders, I have a lot of top end talent I’m willing to part with.


After that trade with @fogdog I don’t have a lot of currency left, but I’d still like to bring in one more forward.

If anyone has someone they think would be an upgrade for me, the currency, aside from my remaining picks I have:

Brayden Sier
Ryan Clarke
Tom McDonald
Bailey Williams

As shown in other trade, willing to trade multiple players/picks for quality.


Just doing some list analysis - my drop off in scoring this year seems to be 3 fold.

  1. older players with changed roles, ie J Selwood and Gibbs

  2. players missing multiple games without long term injuries - from my best 18 an average of 2 games have been missed, meaning I haven’t had the ability to pick my best 18

  3. general drop off in averages - Macrae, J Selwood and Gibbs are all averaging 20 points less this year


So in summary I’m open to any proposals. Basically all players are available - clearly to get Macrae or Yep you are going to need a worldly proposal.


Anyone looking for the premiership edge??

Want one of these guys to get you over the line:

  • Scott Pendlebury
  • Dayne Zorko
  • Taylor Adams

All available.

In return I’m asking for a round one pick and a young C.


Looking for a Ruckman. Believe I can offer something enticing across all positions, or picks, to get trade done.


For those in premiership contention I have:

  • Jack Steven
  • Marc Murphy
  • Pearce Hanley
  • Cale Hooker


Any interest Stanley?


I’m interested in acquiring a defender, must be younger than 25 who has arrived or who has potential. Good picks would be made available for the right player


Bryce Gibbs is now officially available for a packet of twisties.


When do players get transferred?

… he says just before he realises it’s been done…


Cheese or chicken? Cheese would be overs imo.