BBFFL#2 2019 Mid season trade discussion


What were those really bad flavours they introduced, like Atomic Tomato? They wouldn’t get the deal done. But I equally enjoy cheese and chicken so either would work for me!


So given how my team is performing I am willing to consider trades for any (or all) of the players listed below. Ideally I will be looking for younger versions (happy to take the upside risk) or draft picks.

Jarrod Harbrow B
Kade Simpson B
Zach Tuohy B
Colin O’Riordan B
Joel Selwood C
Liam Shiels C
Bryce Gibbs C
Jarryd Lyons C
Callum Sinclair R
Josh Jenkins F
Alex Neal-Bullen F
Luke Breust F
Sam Lloyd CF
Jayden Hunt BF
Matthew Kreuzer R
Matt De Boer CF
Ben Reid F
Ben Keays C
Ethan Hughes B
Scott Selwood C
Hayden Crozier B
Tom Cutler C
Willem Drew CF
Daniel Wells F
Kobe Mutch C
Ryan Lester B
Robbie Fox BF
John Noble C




Very open to trading the following guys for picks/players:
Nathan Jones © - 78
Jack Sinclair © - 71
Jon Ceglar (R/F) - 71
Peter Wright (F) - 69
Josh J. Kennedy (F) - 60


Very open to people trading me their good players for little.


Anyone wanting to win a flag this year come at me with your younger players and picks. I’ll guarantee you decent scorers in return.


Still after an 80+ scoring forward. Potentially a mid too.


I’ve got both available.


When does this trade period end? I’ve barely had a proper look.


Trade period runs from Sunday 2 June, once the last game is finished and closes on Thursday 13 June just prior to the commencement of the match between Adelaide and Richmond.


Given the lack of trading action thus far - I suggest we look at leaving the trade period open for an additional week. If there is strong reasons why it shouldn’t stay open let me know.


Agreed. Leave it open


On the basis no objections have been received the trade period will remain open for another week.


I have to admit I thought trade period stayed open for the bye weeks.


Just another lazy 140 pumped out by Henderson.


Anyone looking for a Premiership come and make an offer for mature age flag hero’s. Picks of younger players required in return.


a random one, but will likely end up delisting max king due to his 6 week ankle.

I reckon would be a good trade for a team rebuilding.

going cheap.


Delisted Callum Porter to fit in the Hoff


Can’t believe no one loading up for a flag has made an offer for Selwood or Gibbs. These are the exact type of players that will win you flag come late August.


A return of Matthew Kreuzer to my team, 7 years after I drafted him in inaugural draft. I believe I traded him that off-season in multi-player deal with WOB?