BBFFL#2 2020 season trade discussion

Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 trade period. Trade period opens Monday 5/10/2019 and completes after the second round of JLT 2020.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc etc

The completed trades thread is here

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As usual i’m looking to be pretty active.

I have 3 first round picks i’m open to trading. 6 and 12 and 13 Pick 6 and 13 traded to The Ant.

Open to any suggestions, even upgrading picks and have a few discussions already underway.

I have first round picks available for trade! Come at me.

How long is the trade period?

I intend on being more active this trade season in this comp. First year was about looking over my list and getting a grip of things. Taking the list from last to 9th was a good result in the first year and I’ve seemed to find a few gems through free agency that have bolted into keeper calculation.

I’ll do up a list later and will probably send some PM’s out as I get a look at the lists more, but can swing either way in terms of trades. Happy to trade my picks for established players or on the other hand also happy to deal some of my established players for top end picks if the trade suits.


Trade period remains open from now until mid way through JLT comp. Most trades in recent years have only happened once UF announces the player positions - usually around mid Feb

My last 4 keepers will come from the list below. I’m open to offers on them though my final decision will probably be held off until I’ve seen a bit of JLT. If you’re interested I’m likely looking for draft picks but Fwiw i’d be interested in acquiring a first choice ruck and maybe a well established forward with decent scoring potential.

Daniel Howe BC 67

James Aish B 67

Dylan Clarke C 66

Lincoln McCarthy F 60

Will Hayward F 56

Josh Begley F 52

Sam Reid B 65

Mitch Crowden F 56

Oskar Baker FC 55

Jason Carter B 39

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I’ll probably put Willie Rioli on the trade table, Ivan. Good scoring Forward potential, one for the future… ,err, … three or four years from now.


Conargo Bulls List Assessment

Bleow I have broken my list in sections. This can be used as a guide to understand where my thinking is.

In return my list of priorities are as follows:

  • established back with solid scores
  • youngish back with the potential to score well.
  • solid scoring forward
  • swapping one of my established mids for a younger mid who’s scoring is at the same level yet

Draft pick wise I am happy to trade any of my picks for my needs. I have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds which all up for trade.

Untouchables - make me an amazing offer
Jack Macrae C 116
Elliot Yeo C 103

Very Much Required - will take a good offer
Wayne Milera BC 77
Jack Martin CF 83
Callum Sinclair R 77
Jacob Dawson B 73
Hayden Crozier B 72
Jack Bowes C 71
Bailey Scott CF 54

Likely Keepers - looking for an upgrade
Colin O’Riordan B 55
Mabior Chol RF 54
Darcy Cameron RF 0

Veterans List - you know what you are going to get
Callan Ward C 3
Liam Shiels C 95
Sam Lloyd F 78
Josh Jenkins F 75
Jarrod Harbrow B 71
Matt De Boer C 70
Luke Breust F 68

Expected big improvers - selling low so will need to factored into a deal
Tom Cutler C 80
Alex Neal-Bullen F 62
Ben Keays F 55

Potential Young Guns - their breakout season is likely to come once I trade them
Willem Drew C 68
Josh Daicos C 63
Jay Lockhart F 56
Josh Schache F 55
Corey Lyons C 0
Kobe Mutch C 0

Trash - you have to be desperate
Jayden Hunt F 55

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Looks like another long year for the Excitement Machines as we continue to rebuild.

Todd Goldstein is on the table for any contenders - make me an offer too good to refuse!

For any teams looking for experienced scorers, the following are available for draft picks around where they would be expected to be drafted in a few weeks (Howe would be rated highest):

Jeremy Howe B
Jamie Cripps F
Jimmy Webster B
Josh Bruce F

People up for trade from my side. Some of these will make my keepers, some will not:

David Zaharakis BC - 80
Nathan Jones BC - 75
Callum Wilkie B - 63
Lance Franklin F - 74
Joe Daniher F - 74
Toby McLean F - 69
Doulton Langlands C - 59
Ed Richards FC - 52
Jarrod Cameron F - 52
Brayden Ham FC - 51
Noah Balta FR - 51
Aaron Vandenberg FC - 0

Some of these are keepers and up for trade, prefer draft picks in return but also consider any type of player. Some of these represent real good value and I expect a few to have real breakout seasons coming up too.

Marc Murphy C 96
Ben Cunnington C 82
Mitch Wallis CF 79
Taylor Duryea B 77
Pearce Hanley B 76
Cale Hooker B 75
James Cousins C 73
Ben Brown F 72
Bailey Dale F 70
Will Hayes C 69
Jamie Elliott F 68
Adam Saad B 67
Mitch Lewis F 63
Jez McLennan B
Nicholas Shipley C
Marlion Pickett C

Cane you trade future year draft picks in this period? Or only in mid-season draft period?

Only picks from this upcoming draft , afaik.

The Rioli and Beams developments haven’t been kind to Saracens heading into this list management period. Even so, Ebert and Selwood may be up for trade. Just starting to look at the possible keepers list now, after deliberately ignoring footy for a while.

That is correct. Only picks for the current draft can be traded.

Finally getting around to assessing my list.

Up for trade (in no particular order) are:

Ben McEvoy
Jed Anderson
Hayden McLean
Steven Motlop
Levi Greenwood
Ryan Clarke
Bailey Williams
Jake Waterman
Eddie Betts
Braydon Preuss
Brayden Sier
James Bell

Either looking for picks/pick upgrades or potentially bundling together to upgrade starting 18 players.


Landing a youngish forward with scoring potential was a priority for this trade draft period and I’m happy to use my second pick on McLean who I would have taken if he were there on draft day.

Damn you! I was keen to get McLean. But full credit to @The_Melkman for dealing with the person who showed the initial interest.

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Decision not to try to chisel @The_Melkman on the 2nd round pick paid dividends then

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