BBFFL#2 Mid season completed trades


Please keep this thread for completed trades only.

Trade period runs from Sunday 2 June, once the last game is finished and closes on Thursday 13 June just prior to the commencement of the match between Adelaide and Richmond.

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

Don to Death trades David Zaharakis


The Melkman for his first round pick


Melkman trades Will Powell and his 2nd round pick


fogdog for Lance Franklin


Birch trades Butters, Setterfield, Daniels, round 1 and round 4 picks


fogdog for Gray and Lambert


Wezza trades his round 1 and round 3 picks


fogdog for Westhoff and Melkman’s round 2 pick

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion
BBFFL#2 2019 Mid season trade discussion

Redbull trades

Jarryd Lyons and a 4th round pick

To Ivan

for Bailey Scott, Darcy Cameron and a 7th round pick


Redbull trades

Kade Simpson

To Wezza

for a 2nd round pick


The Melkman trades Jack Sinclair, Peter Wright & 3rd rounder

to fogdog for Dayne Zorko & 6th rounder


Redbull trades Matthew Kreuzer & 7th Round Pick

to No. 5 for 1st Round Pick


I’m.guessing that deal fell through redbull!


Redbull trades Bryce Gibbs, Joel Selwood and round 3 Pick


Saladin for Callan Ward, Jack Bowes and Round 5 pick


Don to Death trades Ricky Henderson and Brad Ebert


Saladin for Jack Ross and his First and Third round picks.


Redbull trades Zac Tuohy


Wezza for Jay Lockhart