BBFL#2 2021 season trade discussion

Welcome to the 2021 season trade period. The trade period is currently open and will close at 6pm on the 6th of March.

This thread is just for trade discussion. List what you want, who you don’t etc etc

Is there anyway to look at our lists? I legit can’t remember who is on my team.

I will post later tonight.

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Squads are updated

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Have some tough lost decisions to make.

These are the names I’m juggling for the last 7 keeper spots. Some are probably closer to locks than others (Stanley, Oscar Allen, answerth, Nelson, hill ) but I’m including them here to see what might fall out of the tree. I’m looking to get back into the draft a bit.

Noah Answerth BL B 44
Jackson Nelson WC B 58
Harry Cunningham SY B 58
Stephen Hill FR B 50
Sam Mayes PA B 58
Michael Hibberd ME B 58

Rhys Stanley GE R 66

Oscar Allen WC RF 55
Kane Farrell PA CF 44
Nick Hind ES F 43
Jack Lonie SK F 54
Jack Darling WC F 53
Daniel Rioli RI F 51
Nathan Jones ME CF 49
Dylan Clarke ES CF 42

The new positions have left me with a heap of surplus Cs.

Polec and Zak Jones are on the table for either picks or young backs or forwards for people looking for established talent.

Collier-Dawkins, Narkle and Chayce Jones are the younger C players that will likely be in my keepers but could also be traded for the right F or B. Narkle the easiest to get hold of out of that lot, even for a draft pick.

Jeremy Howe (86 avg) is also on the table for a contender as well, but is valued highly given I don’t have many backs on my list anymore…

I’ll put up a proper list after I see what picks I have (as I literally can’t even remember where I finished) but would like younger midfielders in return but also willing to trade picks and also accept them in return.

A reasonable chunk of these guys will make my keepers, but open to trading any of the following.
Keen to try and grab a decent ruck or forward or to improve my draft hand

Marc Murphy CA C 66
Tom Lynch AD F 64
Jack Gunston HW F 61
Jonathon Ceglar HW R 60
Patrick Lipinski WB C 60
Marlion Pickett RI C 54
Darcy Fort GE R 52
Trent McKenzie PA B 51
Lachlan Schultz FR F 50
Callum Wilkie SK B 48
Stefan Martin WB R 45
Brayden Ham ES C 40
Jeremy Sharp GC C 31
Nic Newman CA B 29
Lance Franklin SY F 0

Looked over my list and I have an excess of forwards. My pick 4 is on the table but also open to trading it for a decent offer. Some of my more talented players up for grabs:

Jake Riccardi (F)
Ben Cunnington ©
Matthew Kennedy (FC)
Jason Johannisen (B)
Bayley Fritsch (F)
Elliott Himmelberg (F)
Cameron Rayner (F)
Jake Waterman (F)
Taylor Duryea (FB)
Ed Richards (FC)
Ben Brown (F)
Jamie Elliott (FC)

The rest are likely too valuable ie. (Rowell) or not worth putting up (Hartley, Roberton etc).

Probably done now.

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Hi Lads,

Now that I’m back in the hot seat taking over Maxx’s list, below are a list of players that are on the trading block:

Name Pos 2020 Ave
Charlie Constable C 62
Rhys Mathieson CF 61
Shane Edwards C 58
Liam Ryan F 56
Brayden Sier C 53
Ryan Burton B 52
Josh Battle CF 52
Darcy Moore B 52
Jarrod Brander CF 50
Will Hayward F 47
Jacob Weitering B 46
Noah Balta B 45
Josh Thomas F 42
Shaun McKernan F 41
Matthew Ling B 29

Obviously some will be worth more than others. Really looking to acquire more draft picks in the top rounds of the draft, and also looking for a ruckman with decent job security, as my current ruck stocks are quite threadbare. My backline is stacked with key defensive types so I’m willing to give up one n(or two) of Weitering/Balta/Moore if it leads to me acquiring extra picks in the top 2 rounds and/or my ruck situation.


Have had a bit of interest in Lachie Ash (B). He’s up for trade but it has to be a fair replacement. Also my pick 4 is on the table for anyone looking to hit the draft.

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I don’t understand the Ash trade from Craze’s perspective, but I’m sure he has a plan.

Had a couple of trades go down today. Still open to dealing on the below:

Name Pos 2020 Ave
Rhys Mathieson CF 61
Shane Edwards C 58
Liam Ryan F 56
Brayden Sier C 53
Darcy Moore B 52
Jarrod Brander CF 50
Will Hayward F 47
Jacob Weitering B 46
Noah Balta B 45
Josh Thomas F 42
Shaun McKernan F 41

If you’re after some reliable defenders, Moore, Balta and Weitering are all on the table. Happy for a straight swap on draft picks, or a Pick + Player for a pick upgrade sort of a trade. Edwards doesn’t really fit the age profile for my list moving forward, so again a similar trade scenario would appeal.

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I couldn’t resist trying to build my perfect midfield unit haha.

Rowell - Smith - Brayshaw - Cerra - Walsh - Berry - Cunnington/Constable

With O’Brien in the ruck.

I’ve never been afraid to throw my list around, hopefully Burton can cover Ash in defence and stay fit.


I’ve done a bit of trading, but open to trading Ben Cunnington to anyone looking for a ready made, high scoring midfielder who averaged mid 90’s before injury (is back this year.) He doesn’t fit my age profile so will ask for a pick or younger player in return. Still hasn’t hit 30.

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As many will attest to (particularly CB), I am a horrific trader, but I’m slightly less clingy with my players when I was probably going to delist them anyway.

So if anyone wants any of the following, make me an offer - ideally draft picks or forwards. Some will be in my keepers but the ones towards the bottom will not.

Liam Baker B (adjusted 2020 average 72)
Dan Hannebery C (72)
Paul Seedsman C (80)
Robbie Tarrant B (73)
George Hewett C (63)
Jake Carlisle B (67)
Callum Brown F (57)
Josh Rotham B (63)


Given I had a strong 1st season but probably cost myself by not trading best I do that now

Not really sure what I’m doing but here goes

I’d like to strengthen my squad across all of forward (in particular), defence & midfield. Rucks I’m ok with.

Happy to consider trades for my picks, which are:

  • 16,34,52,70,88,106,124,142,160,178

Will consider offers on certain players in my squad already who I would otherwise keep

As far as players I’m considering maybe will/ maybe won’t make my cut who might interest others they would be:

David Mackay AD B 52

Josh Caddy RI C 51

Alex Sexton GC F 50

Tom McDonald ME F 47

Jake Melksham ME F 44

Steven Motlop PA F 43

Adam Kennedy GWS BC 41

Bradley Close GE F 40

Sydney Stack RI CF 37

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When does this trade period end?

When you’ve traded with everyone.


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