BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Given most of us have never done a UF draft, I’m tipping mayhem, lol.

But we’re about to kick off. Should be fun.

I’m leaning towards Ivan= Brayshaw.

But let’s see. Good luck to all coaches.

Top 10.

  1. Jack Higgins
  2. Andrew Brayshaw
  3. Coffield
  4. Shaun Grigg
  5. LDU
  6. Cam Raynor


Let’s go @ivan !


sorry thought we were starting at 12

where do i find the draft on UF


don’t worry found it


Best Anti-Climax ever


#1 Jack Higgens, Richmond

those jnr fantasy numbers are too good to pass on


I’m still weighing a few things up. I’m honestly uncertain. Just want to research a few more things


Are we allowed to have less than 20 keepers now? Just looking at the 20.18 pick.


No had to carry 20 keeper in.


I thought your choice was obvious:


I was expecting Ivan to take Brayshaw. Thrilled to have him, I still weighed up a few things, but In the end I couldn’t not pick him.


Tackle counts for a rookie super impressive.


Yeah, had 9. He’s a tough kid. Now the looooong wait till 16/17!


brayshaw looks a super player, wish i had # 1 and #2.


Just scrolled up and saw all the other selections, my bad.


Yeah it’s annoying that all the keepers come up in the pick list. So we’re really starting from 21.1 onwards


Are we texting or pm’ing?


Was hoping people were going to be pre-occupied with rookies and left Grigg for me.


I didn’t get either so assumed not happening


Couldn’t believe he was available. Had to sacrifice the kid I think will be best in the draft but couldn’t have both :frowning: