BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


I had him on my list last year but his scoring was very poor. Then this year i noticed that he is still only 22 and as you say with the new club he’s worth a punt but he’s a risk tbh but i doubt he would have lasted much longer. Was going to take Macmillan but WOB beat me to him.


Plenty of others I would have preferred to pick, but the ruckpool is dire already.

@Aceman you’re up I believe.


Its really hard to see players like MacMillan and Bailey Williams snapped up so early when no one would throw a bone for them on the trade table!


And WOB snipes me again.


Tabeners two JLT games went at 82 and 128. I couldn’t ignore that any longer


You have probably seen more of him than most. Do you think he can actually make it as that hit up forward?


If he can get a plus R, he will be gold.


I assume Aces Aces is @Aceman, lol?


That is correct. He has taken his pick so back to @Ivan.


I’ve taken CEY
In Boracay for a couple of days but trying to check on draft as often as possible


The South Aussies are sticking to the local boys!


It’s been so long I’ve forgotten my password


robbie fox.

is it too late to text boakie and who is that?


@Bargey is Boakies. Probably getting too late.


Is this by far the slowest we’ve ever gone or am I imagining things.


I think we have often started slowly, not much different to now. There is always one or two early hiccups and then we come home strongly!


Looks likes @Bargey is drafting so you will be up.


still grappling with the whole kids v mature age thing. paranoid about ending up with a list full of potential and nothing but donuts which constantly forces me to delist and FA. it’s a delicate balance and has probably lead to at least one panic pick but we’ll see i guess.


I wonder if we can get through the 14 picks until my next one in the 13 hours before I go to bed? I’ll be hoping.


I remember those days! Ended up filling the back end of my list with players like Nick Maxwell to make sure I had 18 scorers and easy players to delist!