BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Given that is 1pm Melbourne time I think we should be right.


Think he’s the most overrated player in the comp and I can’t stand his pretty boy image, but I grabbed Rance anyway. Should be good for consistent 40s off my bench.


Centre/Forward who is already built to play AFL and may not be as far off senior footy as the GWS lineup may suggest. Pick 37 is a tough place to enter this draft and of course he’s had two knee ops, but couldn’t let Aiden slide any further.

Impey was my ‘preferred’ target here of those a realistic chance to get through to the third round once Harmes was gone.

Over to @westozziebomber.


Also, having a player named ‘Bonar’ will give you lots of opportunity for entertaining match reports. Great drafting for mine.


Was hoping to take him at my next pick.


Difference is if you trade for them they have to fit in your 20 keepers. In the draft they’re not replacing any of your top 20 :).


Plus trading helps redbull and noone wants that


I just know that the player i want will go in the next 3 picks…


I’ve got a bush walk planned for July, should I postpone it just in case my pick comes up?


better to be safe than sorry


Unsure if everyone is aware of this already… However for those that are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down the draft list on UF to see the recently drafted players; The alternative is that you can just use ctrl+f and enter the current draft round (eg 23.1) and it will auto scroll to that part of the draft which reduces a fair bit of the scrolling


So many defenders out with short to medium term injuries :frowning:
Has Cafegerat been texted?


I just did.


Cafe is on the road for work. Won’t pick for an hour or so.


Given your bush walk I’m sure you’ll enjoy the remainder of your picks in the 170s!! Just updating UF now :wink:


I know we’re trying to take as long between picks as possible this year, but I’ve put in contingencies anyway. My thing should autopick when you get to me later this year.

Also, I’m annoyed no matter who I get.


Up to 38 picks in 52 hours, picks per hour rate is declining :disappointed_relieved:


Next half hour according to Cafe.


If coaches are aware their pick is coming up and know they may not be able to get online to draft please set your preferences in UF. Once you’ve set your order amend the option from
“Manual” to “Automatic if Ranks”.


This is the problem with UF, especially as a first outing. Previous years, I was able to liaise with those stuck at work, fill them in on who’d been taken, who was still there and get a selection relayed back to the league. Not so this year.