BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


I’ve just picked and will be out at a birthday party this arvo until about 3.30, I’ll be right to pick if we get to 10 on mobile so can someone please text?


Who had Grigg?

Considering we insist on playing 7 mids, I find it odd a guy who averages 90 plus as a C was delisted


Smooth/Aceman i think


@redbull @dunlop is there a way that this can be amended? In the other league we only have the new picks.


What are you wanting to amend?


what made you go grigg over say, LUD or Rayner?


Ability to score immediately. Why, is there a problem?


All of the keepers appearing in recent picks on the list


damn it. I need context. How can I follow your draft.




Redbull will start updating the first post of this thread I imagine (when he has time): 2018 BBFFL#2 Draft Order

But in the meantime, here’s what we have so far:

  1. ivan - Jack Higgins
  2. wob - Andrew Brayshaw
  3. cafegerat - Nick Coffield
  4. '51 Bewick - Shaun Grigg
  5. Stoops - LDU
  6. Jave - Cam Rayner


Thanks! Nice drafting so far. Still waiting for Higgins to get called out in ours


I’ll add in the top 10 picks to my OP.


Absolutely no problem, I just thought a few more factors would come into it. I’d understand it if you were in contention for a flag. It’s just a suprise you passed up on some 10+ year fantasy footy guns for a bloke who’s about to turn 30 and will slow up

All the best with him, it’s not a go at you, that’s just my honest opinion


The plan is probably to trade him to you towards the end of the season


Two years ago, yes. Lol


No problem mate. I have taken a slight change in direction as it takes more than kids to build a side in this comp.
If we were allowed even an extra 2 keepers, I would have chosen differently.


I’m going to regret not going for that pick 9 harder Ivan!! I could pick 3 guys still there I desperately want


Gotta say I’m pretty excited that my preferred option at #37 is still on the board !!!

“We rated him top 5”.


i think you’re up @Birch19