BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


You’re right. I meant the Hawthorn Langford.


The after hours time needs to be changed to 12 hours at most IMO


How on earth does @Jave still have over 4 hours left to pick… this is getting ridiculous.


Lol, He’s actually churned through part of a normal time (I think his pick came up around 9pm EDST) then the overnight allowance, and now the morning run.


Around 8:15pm i posted above about Stoops picking Ling.

So into 15th hour now.


Sorry guys - I have tried all my contact methods without luck. I haven’t received any communication at all since the draft started. The time limit is 6hrs between 9am and 9am meaning a pick that comes up after 3pm essentially gets 18hrs.


Can we reduce that 6 hours then? It is ludicrously generous. 3 hours seems more than enough.




Have you got any coaches waiting in line @redbull? If someone can’t make a half decent commitment to the draft you just know they’re not even gonna select their team properly each week…

If you have someone else I would say give them javes team immediately.


Off with his head


There are two kinds of people in the world…


Smooth has had more input in this thread than jave. Give Smooth access to the team back and let him make the picks.


I’m on Trev’s side here.

To the block!


I’ve put my autopick back on. I will resume making sarcastic remarks about Jave tomorrow, during year 7 of the 2018 draft.


Some background music while we wait


So how does one set an auto pick? (Serious question).


The world is f**ked if it’s made up of myself and bargies


Change ‘When My Pick’ from ‘Manual Selection’ to ‘Automatic if Ranks’ and then just fill your pre-ranks with players you want.

Uncheck ‘Use Smart Autopick’.

If you know you’re going to be around, just change it back to Manual Selection.


And make sure you press update, otherwise Bix will have you kicked from the league. I learnt the hard way.


Waiting for Bix as usual!