BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


I thought that only comes into play if you Time Out, so if you’ve selected ‘Automatic if Ranked’, the only time you’d Time Out is if you’ve got no players left in the Pre-Ranks for it to choose from.

So if you had set

Automatic if Ranked
and Skip Pick.

If you had your Pre-Ranks as:
Player A
Player B

and before your pick I select Player A and redbull select Player B, then you’d have no players in your Pre-Ranks for it to select from. Then it will start the 6 hours to select the next player manually.

If you dont pick after 6 hours then it skips your pick.

That’s how I thought it works anyway.


Who wants to be the guinea pig? :smiley:




When My Pick:
Select what should happen once your pick comes around.

Manual Selection: Allows you to manually select a player, regardless of whether players are available in “Pre-Ranks”.

Automatic if Ranks: If players are available in “Pre-Ranks” the system will immediately select the highest ranked player. If there are no available players in “Pre-Ranks” no pick will be made.

Automatic Selection: Automatically select when it’s your pick. The draft system will first try and pick from “Pre-Ranks”, then use our default rankings."

If Time Out:

Select what should happen if time expires on your selection.

Skip Pick: Your picked is skipped, but you are able to make up this pick next time you log in. You can have a maximum of 2 outstanding pick(s) at any one time, after that the system will autopick for you.

Autopick: The top ranked player is automatically selected. The system will first try to pick from “Pre-Ranks” (if set), then from the remaining players using our default rankings.",

User Smart Autopick:
“By ticking this option our Autopick system will ensure you draft enough of each position to fill your starting squad before drafting your remaining players.

Using this could mean your top ranked player is not picked if they do not play a position you need. If you always want to pick your highest ranked player regardless of position then uncheck this option.”,

Receive Email Alerts:
“By ticking this option you will be notified by email when its your pick and of any selections that have automatically been made for you.”


^ That’s from the UF when you hover on the info icons.


Has someone texted @No_5


Melk has.



Always terrible to see injuries … except for when they’re Redbull’s players.


Straight to the LTI he goes then…


@Come_Back_Hirdy is up.


Up to @wezza


Fingers crossed he gets back later this year. He will be nice to slot in along with my other backs Nic Newman, Jarrod Harbrow, Elliott Yeo and Kade Simpson.


Darn, wanted Bruce at my next pick.


EVW was my pick.

CBH keeps stealing my guys.


Nice selection




@Aceman you’re up.


They dont sound as good as Witherden, Ellis, Roberton, Haynes, Brayshaw and Hunt.


Once Goddard gets back status look out!