BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Your up @bargey. Really hoping you wanted Gallucci.


he’s taken too long. Give him Tippett.


Trying auto pick this round. Hope it works :confused:


Not interested in him in the slightest. The last four rounds my number one choice has been available.


Got your fix of Crows players? I’m hedging Milera with Gullucci and hoping one pays off!


Would people like me to pick tonight or tomorrow?


Tonight please!


I have just reset the draft times to 8am to 10pm. There is still 6hrs per pick but if you come up at 9pm tonight your pick will expire at 1pm tomorrow.


Ok, enjoy your Friday nights then as we’re back to Jave


The Moore pick was between him and EVW. Wasn’t sure if either would get through another Round. Good pick by High Fyfe imo.

Moore is a deadset magnet. Hopefully Clarkson gives a fellow midget a go.


Cafegerat I believe


After me I meant


I’m waiting for it to take my autopick!
How long should it take?


I’m done, Bewick texted. I hope everyone of you wanted Darcy MacPherson.


He’s very very light



Are you sure you clicked update?


Should happen straight away if you have selected the right option. Don’t think you have


OK clicked update. When exactly do you click that?
It worked now


Once you are happy with how you have it set up.


Cheers. It’s quite confusing at first.