BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


















Can we please reduce it to 3 hours? Or 4 at worst. 6 is way too long.




My daughter has an 8.30 basketball game and I’m rostered for scoring.

So (in the highly unlikely event that we get past Javes pick tonight!!) …gulp…I’ve set two contingencies. I hope it ■■■■■■ well works!

If they’re both gone then I apologise, you’ll have to wait an hour or so.


Any songwriters in the group? Looking for someone to compose “Waiting for Jave”


It’s a long long wait to pick for Jave
(it’s a long long way to pasadena)


Just whipped up a couple of quick verses after working out my final picks.

Hey Jave, don’t make it bad
Take a sad pick and make it better
Remember to let them into your team
Then you can start to make it better

Hey Jave, don’t be afraid
You were made to go out and pick him
The minute you let him into your team
Then you begin to make it better


Yeah ya tryin’ ta tire me, tire me
can you please take your pick for me, pick for me
Ya tryin’ ta tire me, tire me
So get the fark out of our fantasy

Too harsh?


My draft review - feedback welcome

Pick 2 - Angus Brayshaw - no brainer for me. I love what I’ve seen this pre season and he’s a sure bet to be a decent scorer. Great tackler and accumulater, will be a keeper for a long time

Pick 16 - Bailey Banfield. Another freo kid. Has posted excellent scores during the pre season, and looks a likely type. Will play round 1, hoping I’ve nailed this pick. Freo are short on his type, will play plenty imo

Pick 17 - James Worpel. Inside player who is tough and apparently highly rated at the hawks. They need a solid guy inside to help Mitchell, I think he’ll play senior footy early this year. I personally think Brayshaw aside this could be my pick of the draft.

Pick 20 - Charlie Constable. My fourth mid selection in a row, it’s the weakest area of my side so I wanted to bolster this area. Constable was solid in both of his games in the JLT and in the game against us had plenty of centre bounce starts, the most of any Geelong player. Will probably play a lot of VFL this season but should get a opportunity at some stage

Pick 28 - Jamie Macmillan. Wanted a solid scoring back so I took him. In hindsight I kinda regret this pick, I was under the pump and chose prematurely. Still, is young enough, scored 85 in his last JLT and should be able to consistently provide 70 odds. I’m hindsight, I would have picked impey but completely missed him

Pick 32 - Matthew Taberner. He is a absolute tease. Dominates the WAFL, can pump out big scores ( a 80 odd and 128 this pre season) but can also go missing. Took a risk, hoping he’s turned the corner. He’s ahead of kersten now, I hope it stays that way. Upside pick

Pick 38 - Marley Williams. I’ve always liked him, even at the pies. Again a risk pick because he’s inconsistent in his scoring, but he’s quick, north are ■■■■ and the ball will be down there a lot. Best 22 easily there and hopefully becomes a run and link type player.

Pick 53 - Liam Ryan. He should play round 1. Massive wraps on him over here as a electric forward who chases and tackles but I see him moving to the wing, the eagles need fast outside pace and he’s got it in spades.

Pick 56 - Shane Edwards. Purely drafted him for another certain midfield starter. Don’t expect much, 60-80s most weeks but it fills a void and a donut.

Pick 64 - Jordan Ridley. With Gleeson gone for most the season I think he’ll get a look in this year, we have to have a look at him at some stage anyway. Intercept marker, good by footband highly rated. I’m hoping this pays off


Love the contributions guys, keep them coming :slight_smile:


Excellent start to the rebuild.


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