BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


@westozziebomber I think you’ve had a great draft.

More than anyone else, you’ve done a great job of having clear strategies that you’ve stuck to. Your previous strategy focused on trading and a willingness to sacrifice the long term to win now. It brought you a premiership. It was a huge success.

Based on your list profile, you’ve moved off that approach, and this draft is part of a new future focused strategy.

The guys you’ve picked fit that to a tee. From the small amount I know about these players they seem like they’ll give you a great shot to get at least a couple of long-termers, and a good chance at a star or two. That’s what it’s all about.

You’ve also smartly picked up a few low return, low upside, but best 22 players. In this league you’re obligated to show you’ve tried to field 18 players every week, and guys like Shane Edwards will let you do that without any risk of having to delist your potential upside players to field a side.

Well done.


Nailed the first four imo. I had to look at your total squad for some perspective, and yeah, you’ve probably just drafted a complete FF midfield for a few years from now. There may have been other names you could have taken at each pick, but in totality that’s a great outcome.

I’m not certain that Edwards is a lock for Richmond anymore. I could see him being phased out a bit over the year. Which brings up the problem of the midfield - the kids probably won’t play every week so you may struggle to avoid donuts. The dual position players will help though.

And there I think you’ve done well to cover forward and back depth to allow the DP’s to mid. Taverner should be in freos best side now. Macmillan and Williams likewise at North. Ryan probably fades in the first couple of months but he’s a longer term investment anyway. I like the Ridley speculative pick.


So that is what it looks like for you to have first round picks and draft kids.

Not bad.


I really wanted to be all in for kids in this draft but the reality of the state of my list forced my hand a bit. I’m still stuck with keepers who are mid career, mid range and uncertain first 22 prospects. On the flip side I picked up a bunch of kids last year who are far from certain prospects.

All told I reckon I took 6 to 10 keepers to the draft who are certainties to play barging injury. My original thinking with 5 picks under 35 was to take 5 kids and try for established players with the last 5 after pick 70 or so. Taking that plan in could very easily have resulted in 5 donuts for round 1, or much worse.

As I understand the rules of this league I would have been expected to horse trade for FAs who were playing which would likely force me to delist the kids I’d drafted.

Ainsworth has now been taken, I’ve passed him over three times in favour of Stanley, Ballantyne and Cunningham because of the need to try and field 18 players.

That said i I think I got two fantastic long terms prospects and some guys who are more established, have plenty of time on their side and a bit of upside.

2 more picks. It is going to be a long rebuild.


I’d add, O’Shea at 19 was going to be Murray or Constable but Murray was gone, I panicked about needing a defender , O’Shea absolutely destroyed his JLT cameo, his vfl numbers last year are very good and doherty is out for the year. A lesson in the importance in sticking to a strategy? We’ll see. May also be my boekhurst moment.


I think you’ve done what you need to do here. I know that the rules around being forced to field 18 are very frustrating for teams on the rebuild, but they’re the right thing.


I don’t think anyone here has ever faced a rebuild as remotely daunting as mine. Happy for anyone to correct me on the that. I have to also acknowledge though that some here have certainly been generous in their approach to trading with me in recognition of that.


You definitely have a hard road ahead, and have done the right thing turning the list over as much as you have.

Pazza’s approach was weird. I don’t think he ever had the worst team in a given season (did he ever finish last)? But he also didn’t have a strategy that would give him a shot to win the league, ever. He was just floating in the lower portion of the ladder with no plan that would help him get better at any time. Also I don’t think he did any research on any players ever.


Fully one third of my list were key position players when I started. I’m pretty sure that isn’t a reliable fantasy Strat.


Well, for someone who has never drafted really, to that extent I’m very happy with the feedback. Thanks guys.

I’ve previously traded away everything, including picks and young talent, and I’ve won 2 flags. I honestly think if your in a position to win a flag, go hard. It’s what I did and results speak for themselves. I think the true test of my fantasy coaching is right now, how I rebuild from the bottom and how quick I can contend again. I aim to be back in the finals in 2 seasons, and then go from there. I’m going to enjoy the challenge. That’s my goal

Honestly, I can’t renember the last time I had one pick inside the top 40, let alone 6. Lol. Here’s to a good season. I think I’ll battle next year, which is fine. But il be more competitive than last season


I like the o’shea pick. Carlton are garbage, he can defend and he has a ability to score decent


@Windy_Dill , if you’ve got time I’d love you to assess my draft in this league. Your insights and reviews are good


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Nope, he has to be out for at least 8 weeks.

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8 week prognosis (or more) required. So it wouldn’t be granted, sorry.


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