BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


I hope to have a first round pick one day…


IMHO wob has drafted superbly, especially for someone who has confessed to not being an expert in that side of list management and been more inclined to trade.


Mark O’Conner. Scored ok in JLT and one of the few C’s left on the board to do so. I see some prospect of him pushing into a cats side which seems well down on defensive rebound. Of course that may also mean he loses his C. Slowly putting the all Ireland defence together. Watch out.


Am I right in thinking if we get through the next few picks before 3 jave will get timed out at 9pm


Had O’Connor on my watch list. Only thing is I’m not sure he is a huge ball winner.


His vfl numbers last year aren’t great, but his JLT ppm is reasonable. His skills are neat and it isn’t impossible that he becomes a designated kicker. He’s a late in the draft upside pick. And he has a C next to his name


Sorry gents, pick done, can somebody please advise whoever it is! I’m at kids basketball all arvo.


@saladin is up.


And again @wezza. Edit: texted too


@Aceman you’re up mate. More double blues to be picked?


@redbull , back up to you


Back to @Bargey and then me again.


Almost went Dawson for my pick. His NEAFL scores were huge last year.
You just never know the pecking order at the Swans.


I’m 1 from 2 from my Sydney NEAFL guns. Mind you Nic Newman is probably my greatest draft pick ever! So even if I fail with Dawson I am still well and truly up.


I just want to see Jave hold the draft up again for another 6 hours.


Sorry guys been playing tennis finals. I’ll have someone picked momentarily.


Hope you won! Because Tomas Bugg…


Back to @cafegerat


PM’d Jave. Good luck!



I’m deliberately drafting people everyone hates so I can be the most hated team in the league. I’m just ■■■■■■ someone beat me to it so I couldn’t redraft hayden “i’m a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■” ballantyne.

I mean, I don’t even like my players.

Oh, and yeah, gonna go full Adelaide Crow and lose the grand final next week.