BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Hi Adrian.


at this stage i’m pretty happy i held on to it.


whose pick is it?


@Birch19. He’s online on blitz (I think) so I imagine he’s not far away from drafting?


Go to League Overview.
From there you will see an Enter The Draft Room tab. Hit that.
I think that’s the view you’re looking for.


Yeah in league 2 we’ve got all the keeper selections as picks from round 1 to round 20 (360 picks)

Real draft is round 21 onwards.


I was looking at the team view prior to that.


Sorry about the delay, tbh completely unprepared for the draft.


Great pick. Fogarty could be the best in the draft.


@TrevorBix you are up


this is what i hate about draft day.

have 3 guys lined up for next pick, which shall it be…


Hi all - apologies for the starting in round 21. Not sure how I could have avoided it. I will follow up with @Dunlop for next year!

Just remember that we probably won’t get past @Eggs pick at 14 tonight. But after that we should be able to move through fairly quickly.


I was very interested to see how far Grigg would fall in the draft. Pick 4 was probably the upper end of where I thought he might be taken. An interesting exercise would be to understand what pick @Aceman could have got for him on trade table. Guessing it would not have been pick 4!


Come onnnnnnn biiiiix


I texted Bix, he didn’t know we had started so he’s about an hour away from having his pick.

I think if we want to keep this moving it’s best we keep texting, like in past years, where possible.


I agree. Can we get a email of phone numbers or a PM?


I think the majority of them are probably still accurate.


I will update mine - but I probably won’t need texting!


True, but then I would have had to delist another player that i wanted in my keepers. Also he would not have lasted to my 2nd pick #22.


Sorry gents, paddy Dow is a bixian. I’ll get in the groove shortly.