BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Will we finish by Tuesday? Will be totally unfair for people to still have picks while Thursday teams are named.


Its a good point. And If it wasn’t for Jave burning 8 hours or more for seemingly every pick, we’d be finished.


We only have 35 picks to go. So we will finish by Tuesday


@No_5 is up.


@Jave: you might want to select another back for your last pick - at the moment you’ll be playing one short for the first month, since you only have six B-eligible players and Henderson and Adams are injured.


@DonToDeath up now. Then @Come_Back_Hirdy


@redbull is up.


Nice picks. I particularly like Tom Cole, who I’d missed on the list of availables until last night.


Apologies - just woke up. I need to look at who is left and how my squad looks! Will be about 20.


@Wezza back to you


@wezza needs to stop rubbing one out over Steph Curry coming to Melbourne and get to picking his next delistable spud for his cellar dwellers.


im processing.


You think too much.


over to you @Aceman


Your go @redbull. I wanna go out so hurry up will ya :stuck_out_tongue:


Another tennis final to get walked over?


Already played today, form is coming together like the end of a blowbang.




Also done. Over to Funky Cold whoever that is.


Has Ivan been texted?