BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Done, sorry wasn’t paying attention.

Broomheads VFL numbers continue to be decent and Collingwood continue to be ■■■■ so he’s a good show to get games. I’d like to think he’ll find something new in his game but honestly that seems unlikely. I also liked willis at this selection but redbull got there first.


And that’s my draft done I think


Dave Mirra? Isn’t he a BMX rider?


Also done, also not paying attention. Sorry.

@51Bewick has been texted.


Whoops! Phone flat and charging. Give me a couple of minutes.
Jave PM’d. Draft finished for me, finally!


@Saladin am I too late to get a LTI pick for Grant Birchall? Happy to be at the back of the queue - actually I am probably there anyway.


For the LTI picks - I think it will be easier to post them in here and let me manually add them. It might be a bit of stuffing around on UF given it thinks we are all getting 12 picks.


Does @No_5 know he’s on the clock?


I’ve just texted him.


Sorry. didnt know i was up. I’ll be a moment.


Ignorance is not an excuse.


@Aceman you’re up.

That’s me all done.


@TrevorBix is up.

That’s me done, ending on a high drafting a guy cause he was involved in a topless photo scandal. Welcome to the Betrayal Nathan Broad, be ready to be delisted before Round 1.


Lol. Damn you, barge.

Now watch Trev pick my other prospect and back to the drawing board we go.


If you were gonna pick Broad you might as well just grab Luke Brown from the crows, same type of player, same type of output. If anything he’s probably more likely to get a game each week. I didn’t grab him because I already have 4 ■■■■■■■ crows, which is 4 too many.


so we’re done now?

It’s up to FC and they’ve got their 30.


Sorry mate, too late. I set the deadline and need to abide by that.

There’ll be no problem getting approval on it though.


Yes, main draft is done.

Four LTI Picks to come.



It’s not my pick on UF?

@redbull how do we do the LTI picks?


Do it in the Draft Order thread (or here) and @redbull will add the players to your team later.