BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh.
But I’m not sure there’s a single player there that will be in your keepers in two years.
Even Bonar is a risk.


You’ve got one last pick to make to replace Sam Docherty who you’ve placed on the LTI list. Make your pick here and I’ll add the player in UF. To see who is available just search available players in UF.


Mid-season draft potential?
He already had pick 4!
What’s he going to get mid-year?


A player with exposed form. The kid he might have overlooked here could be traded for knowing he can score at AFL level.

Personally I think too much weight is put in draft picks in these fantasy comps. You have to cut 10 players a season so grabbing a known quantity makes sense.


I agree that even top ten draftees are a risk.
But they’re a better risk, as trade value in six months or as players, than a thirty year-old in…two? three years time?

Edit: Look, I don’t know where he is. If he played finals last year then…you know, forget my criticism.


To be honest discussion is fine, but your criticism is neither required nor appreciated.


My apologies.
No offence meant.
I shall withdraw.


Not sure you ever recover the value of a draft pick until they prove themselves, whereas proven scorers like Grigg will be in demand from coaches pushing for the flag come mid year. On the draftee point, @saladin picked Francis with pick 1 two years ago and delisted him this year. Clearly he was never going to recover his investment via a trade.


I would have taken Grigg with Pick 1.


Okay, but I wasn’t talking about his number one pick selection.
I can, if you’d like.
Not sure what the point would be though.
I think Francis is a pretty good 100+ selection.


Not harsh. No offence taken.

Of course Bonar is a risk, no doubt. On several levels. But he was a round 3 selection and the more accepted blue chip guys were gone.

He, Murphy, Moore, Marshall, Francis might all be busts. But all have potential to make it too (imo).


wimm dislikes anyones draft that hasn’t drafted 7+ key position guys


My point re Francis is he was a number 1 pick in our comp two years ago. @saladin couldn’t recoup his investment, yet with Grigg taken at pick 4 @51Bewick has the benefit of knowing exactly what he is getting. He can either use Grigg’s scoring to propel his side up the ladder now he is finally getting a clean run with injuries or trade him mid year for a younger player who has exposed AFL form.


Unless you’re about 11:59pm on the premiership clock it’d be the only time I’d draft a 30 year old mid. You might get something back mid year, but unless you’ve got a Pazza to trade with, you’re basically trying to acquire a good kid back at best, so really exactly the same position you were in pre original draft. Knowing what you could have drafted I definitely agree with wimm, but each to their own. I don’t know the state of Bewicks team. I would have gone with a 10+ year player over a 2 year player and then trying to churn him off to someone else. Reminds me when Utah drafted Micheal Braun with pick 1 years back in our league.


I get that.
But if we’re going there, my advice is pick midfielders early.


They play an extra mid in this league, so you could argue that mids are more valuable than in BBFFL#1.


Well as you say you don’t know the state of Bewick’s team. As I have suggested I think draft picks are overrated unless you’re going through a complete rebuild which Bewick isn’t at this stage. He takes the known quantity and moves on.

Premierships can be won very quickly in a league of this sort. I went from nowhere to runner up in one year - largely by acquiring known scorers. The whole drafting and waiting for success is a lot riskier is my view and I can speak from experience in having done it.


Two points on this:

  1. Historically coaches in the mix for finals/flags have overpaid for known scorers come mid season trade time - also the comment re Pazza is bordering on disrespect for the current coaches in this comp
  2. Trading for a kid mid year has less risk than using a draft pick given they will have exposed AFL form so you’re actually ahead not in the same position IMO


Mate I’ve won two premierships and been runner up multiple times and never missed finals until recently of over a decade plus long league, so I think I’ve got a good gauge on valuing draft picks. I above all find little value in draft picks, so really I basically thinking we’re agreeing. I also think many over rate them too much, although any pick inside the top 6/7 I think you should use for something to extract a ready made player under 26 or used on someone like Coffield etc, someone that can score well but still be a 10+ year player. Unless you’re into it upto your neck I don’t know many in our league that would trade something that would justify using the pick 4, you’re basically cashing him in for lesser value, and then trying to get a kid of lesser value then what you could have, or just drafting a 2 year player. I guess it really depends on who he gets in return. Either way I don’t care enough to argue, just my opinion. If Bewick is confident it shouldn’t bother him what anyone says.

And on the pazza thing, it’s in no way disrespect to anyone other than pazza’s poor trading ability and everyone taking advantage of him. He was a joke of a coach, clearly had no concept of what a keeper league is, keeping 50ave 30+ plodders over genuine guns for no reason whatsoever was baffling. Our league would have sacked him early.


High Fyfe 2018 draft review

Pick 13: Tim Kelly (C, Geelong)

Picked a guy who has to try to break into a Dangerfield-Selwood-Ablett-Duncan midfield. And if he does, he has to play under Chris Scott. And he has to live in Geelong.

I wouldn’t be surprised if quits the club by the middle of the season and goes back to Perth.

Where the friendliness of a big city meets the glamour of a country town, Geelong is without doubt a place that exists

Pick 31: Callum Brown (FC, Collingwood)

Callum Brown is a professor of social and cultural history, with special research interests in atheism, humanism, religion, and the history of community ritual, all in the post-1750 period and more especially in the 20th and 21st centuries. That’s what Google says, anyway.

Probably picked him up a bit early here given his lack of experience playing Australian Rules, but we were enticed by his offer to write a book on the the secularisation of football since the retirement of James Hird.

Pick 49: Harry Morrison (B, Hawthorn)

Drafted at pick 74 by Hawthorn a couple of years ago. I honestly didn’t think the draft went that long anymore.

It took longer to get to pick 74 than it did for Jave to take a pick (I’m sorry Jave, please don’t beat me by too much)

Pick 67: Luke Partington (F, West Coast)

Partington averaged 27 disposals in the WAFL last year, and 12 in the AFL.

Probably one of those players who’s destined to look good at the lower levels but never quite able to make it at the top tier, like former English cricketer Mark Ramprakash. At least Ramprakash could bowl some off-breaks - Partington’s bowling ability is unproven at best.

The Graeme Hick of English cricket

Pick 84: David Cuningham (FC, Carlton)

This has to be my worst ever pick, since my team had previously been free of Fark Carlton players. I vaguely recall picking Levi Casboult a few years ago, but in defence of Levi, he can take a mark - this guy can’t even spell his own surname correctly.

On the full again. Classic Levi

Pick 102: Ed Vickers-Willis (B, North Melbourne)

Injury-prone and an ordinary scorer. But he plays for a rubbish club where he might get a game occasionally.

Praise the Lord for North’s shitness!


Pick 119: Alex Fasolo (F, Collingwood)

It was at this point that I realised all of the above players could miss out on their round 1 teams.

I panicked and picked this inconsistent hack, who I then learned is unlikely to play round 1 anyway. I guess when he kicks six on Anzac Day it will hurt slightly less because he’s in my team.

Pick 136: Matthew Lobbe (R, Carlton)

In 2014, Matthew Lobbe played every game but one and averaged 89, and his team was three points away from a grand final.

Three years later, he was traded - to Carlton, of all places - for an unusable draft pick.

But worse than that, it took him until pick 136 to be selected in a fantasy footy competition.

That’s a bigger fall from grace than Harvey Weinstein.

Pick 153: Tom Cole (B, West Coast)

Young Tom played two games in 2016, averaging 47, and four games in 2017, averaging 34.

Based on these trajectories, by the end of the decade he’ll be playing 32 games a season and averaging -5.

Something something Cole for Christmas something.

Pick 170: Ryley Stoddart (B, Sydney)

Stoddart could play zero games and still be a better pick up than my final picks in all previous drafts:
Tyson Goldsack
Taylor Garner (to be fair, he made my keepers this year. After being delisted twice.)
Jack Sinclair
Blayne Wilson
Sam Day
Jesse O’Brien (who?)
Angus Graham

Angus still can’t believe he was delisted