BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


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We actually play 7 mids, instead of 5

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I was pretty unprepared for this draft, I’d hoped to be more active during the trade period but most of that hinged on getting a deal done for Ben McEvoy up front. When I couldn’t manage that it necessitated some strategy changes in both my keepers and my plans for the upcoming season.

I feel like the top end of my list is good enough, but the mid-range is nearly non-existant. Long story short, I needed to find some more keepers for either end of the ground who can average 75+ and a bit more depth for the midfield (although if Liberatore’s pre-season form is a sign of things to come this might be a bit less dire). So basically I was mainly looking for players who were either starting to mature into their 3rd or 4th season and/or those who might be getting more opportunity. Became a bit of a crapshoot towards the back end of the draft as my contingencies all kept disappearing, but see how we go I guess.

Pick 7: Darcy Fogarty - I strongly considered Dow and Kelly here, but I just liked the look of Fogarty in the pre-season and Adelaide do a good job with development generally. Kid could be anything and should get a decent number of games this season.

Pick 25: Bailey Williams - I was hoping for Bailey Banfield at this pick, but he was long gone. Strongly considered Taberner and Rob Fox here too, but my primary need was backs (Astbury made my keepers for crying out loud…) so went with Williams. He’s coming into the right age bracket for a leap up in scoring and will get opportunities at the dogs this year.

Pick 43: Dom Barry - To be honest I don’t really rate Barry and think he’ll get found out when the real stuff starts, but when Fox didn’t make it to this pick I needed a centre and he will get games at Port this year. Considered both Mountford and Doedee here, but needed more mids as a priority.

Pick 61: Declan Mountford - Not sure Mountford will make it, but he’ll get a chance at the Roos one way or the other. Very nearly went Doedee here, but hoped he’d last one more pick and of the two I think Mountford is more likely to be a good scorer this season. Think Doedee might need 1 more year before he starts being a good scorer.

Pick 78: Jayden Short - I find Richmond players hard to judge and they have plenty of other half backs in their lineup, but he did get 2 games in the JLT which is hopefully a sign that he’s back in their calculations like the first 2/3 of 2017. Had hoped Doedee would make it here, but he went a few picks earlier.

Pick 96: Dean Kent - I like Kent as a player, but not sure if he’ll be able to force himself back into Melbourne’s lineup. Hoping he will and if so could end up a keeper. Draft really starting to thin out here and my picks are getting much more speculative. Only other names I was really looking at here was Josh Bruce (who should get more of the ball without Riewoldt) and Cunningham from Sydney but thought he’d last to my next pick.

Pick 113: Jack Lonie - Another that’s coming into the right age bracket to potentially step up to be a decent player. The Saints need to know one way or the other if he’s going to be a player for them and can finally bring his VFL form to the AFL, if he does I’ll have found a player, if not it’s another discard but at pick 113 I’m ok with that. Strongly considered Mark O’Connor, Ainsworth and Hibberd.

Pick 130: Cam McCarthy - I don’t normally select KPP’s but McCarthy can be a decent scorer, is still young and will be best 22 at Freo barring disaster. Considered Redman, Sier and Wills here.

Pick 147: Brayden Sier - Needed another mid and had both Sier and Wills on my radar as guys who would hopefully step up this year. Went with Sier as he’s younger and there’s been some good word coming out of the Pies that he turned the corner in the back half of last year.

Pick 164: Matt Guelfi - Couldn’t not draft an Essendon player and Guelfi looks like he could be handy at senior level. Not convinced that he’ll be a good fantasy scorer, but at my last pick and after Wills and Hughes went, why not.

Pick 181: Luke Brown - Just a bit of back insurance for my bench. Gets a game every week, occasional decent scoring game, but he’s a known quantity.

Pick 184: Jed Anderson - Another late speculative pick. Anderson has never really put it together at senior level and has a terrible injury history. But the Roos paid overs for him and will be looking for a ROI. Played well in their VFL practice game and is a chance for some early games in the season proper.

All in all I’m reasonably happy with my draft given where I was at. I decided on a strategy (admittedly last minute) and I stuck with it, reality is that my list is not a contender at this point. I didn’t really have the trade currency to improve it significantly at the trade table, so the draft it was. These selections will probably lead to another crappy season, but if I can find 3 players to upgrade my keepers by the end of the season it will be a successful draft.

Post-Draft Best 22 for 2018:

Backs: Jack Crisp (B), Ryan Clarke (B), Nick Vlastuin (B), Bailey Williams (B), Tom McDonald (BF)
Mids: Adam Treloar ©, Luke Shuey ©, Clayton Oliver ©, Tom Liberatore ©, Josh Caddy (FC), Dom Sheed ©, Ed Langdon (FC)
Forwards: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (F), Mitch Honeychurch (F), Darcy Fogarty (FC), Kyle Langford (FC), Cam McCarthy (FC)
Ruck: Max Gawn ®

Bench: Ben McEvoy ®, David Astbury (B), Dom Barry ©, Matt Guelfi (F)


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