BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


yes mate


At the moment I have the draft limit set for 6 hours. What are other coaches thoughts on this? I think we should be able to move through fairly quickly and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Also with regards to coaches names:

51 Bewick - Burras
Aceman - Aces Aces
Bargey - Boakie’s Betrayal
Birch19 - Binked
cafegerat - Hasselhoffs Yambag
Come Back Hirdy - High Fyfe
Don to Death - Dangerous Dons
Eggs - Steez Merchants
Ivan - FC medina
Jave - The Replacements
No. 5 - Jobe-e-Wan Kenobi’s
redbull - Conargo Bulls
saladin - Saracens
Stoops - Excitement Machines
The Melkman - The Melkmen
TrevorBix - Notorious B.I.X
westozziebomber - westozziebomber
Wezza - Wezza


It will need to be extended for overnight.


Apologies - meant to say from 9am to 9pm AEDT it is 6 hours.


Doubt it will get anywhere near me but I’m out until 7 ish.


Done. We have a bit of a wait before @Eggs picks, which should be at about 11



Steal of the draft so far. Every pick that went by I was praying for him to fall to 16. I seriously considered him at 2


@Eggs it isn’t even midnight yet mate!!


He did look absolutely super in the JLT. Particularly against gc


And how exactly was I meant to know that was you? It just said “you’re up” from a random number, so I assumed it was Stoops given he was pick before me…


You didn’t know it was me, that’s why i mentioned it, so you did know for any future texts. I should have worded it differently.


Yeah had a long look at him at my pick too.


Not enjoying the wait! Halfway to my first pick and absolutely so many possibilities.


There are so many guys I want with my next 3 picks.

It’s so hard to gauge how other coaches will rate guys. I fear if I pass on them, they will get picked


Its a new experience for you having to worry about the BBFFL#2 draft!


I’ve got some late picks if you want to trade :smiley:


mid draft trading would certainly be something wild.


Except if you’re managing it :joy:


Jeez we spend a lot of time waiting for eggs, all in favour of booting him from the league like this post.


So I’m guessing he isn’t your new nemesis/whipping boy!