BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate



Alright, I’ve drafted, and I’m really pleased to welcome Sam Murray.

Add me to the list of those surprised to see Shaun Grigg delisted. I can’t believe you couldn’t have gotten at least some very usable picks for him. I would have jumped at the chance to trade for him.

It’s still far from the worst delisting in the comp’s history though. Someone once couldn’t find a trade they liked for Aaron Hall!

@wezza is up, after his sleep-in.


Nice pick, Mr Eggs.


Also, I don’t pick again until round 3 pick 14, but I’ve updated my number on the PBworks page. You can get me with an imessage, or on Viber, or PM me here on Blitz and I will check often.

I will see where we’re at when I get towards bedtime and pick some contingencies on UF if we’re close. Good luck with the upcoming picks, everyone except Bix.


You C*NT


Last two picks have put two lines through my top two on my list. Really, really wanted Murray


Best possible feedback on a pick, thanks mate.


Geez the draft is already massively thin on decent defenders


Stoked to get Hunter Clark @ 15

@westozziebomber up next for two


Il be a little bit on my second. I’m just on the road


bugger, was hoping he’d last till my next.


Really good pick, wob.

At #37 there’s no point hoping for anyone specific but I liked the idea of drafting Banfield. A lot.


Yeah I didn’t think Banfield was going to get past wob’s 2 pick her but I sure was hoping he would


Done - I’ve selected Worpel with 17


ive sent barge a messenger message asking for him to hurry up and pick Dom Barry


I do not like only entering the draft at 77…


I know what you mean. It’s so frustrating to look at the list and realise none of the players will be there come your pick.


He picked a crows player. WTF.


Leaving someone on the table I may regret but the draft is so thin for defenders I had to grab one with some prospect of scoring