BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


good get. Was going to go Charlie if Hunter wasn’t there.


I see you are addressing your shortage of midfielders! Four from four Cs.

WOB went without a single pure mid in his 20 keepers.




I’m done, gone for Nick Holman.


I agonized over Constable and O’Shea but in the end I was desperate for a d. Expect Charlie will have me cursing for years to come. Looks a natural footballer though I expect him to take a couple of years to fill out


Fark you


And the horse I rode in on?


sure why not


Has anyone texted @51Bewick?


i have


Just got home. Give a little while to catch up.
Texted Stoops

Got to be happy with a number 9 pick @ pick #22 :smiley:


Has anyone let @Jave know it’s his pick?


Have PMed and emailed @Jave. Don’t have a mobile number at this stage.


24 picks in 30 hours is not exactly rattling along, lol


Not worried at this stage. Think we will get moving shortly!


Should have voted on the eggs dismissal then, can’t have it both ways Sal.


10 picks today is very poor

We need to pick up the pace


I think ideally we should have expunged every pick from 1 to 36.


The Good : I have 8 or 9 players still available that I could reasonably consider at my first pick.

The bad: Said pick is still 13 selections away!




So the system will auto pick at about 8pm?