BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Have just stalked @Jave on Facebook and messaged him there. Hoping I got the right person!




Shorten the day time limit. It’s too long


Happy to do this once we get in a pattern which I’m hoping will be shortly!


This is ■■■■■■■ bullshit its like having Pazz back in the draft again


Any chance us outsiders could see whats happened so far?


Sweet FA.


Nick Holman went at 82 in the other FF draft, can someone please humour me and tell me he was being looked at by others here and I’m not a total ■■■■■■■?


I’ll update the draft thread tonight.


You guys are only up to pick 18?? Who are you guys waiting on?


Definitely had him in the mix for 27. Remember that mids should be valued higher in this league given we need 7 starters.


Up to 24. Waiting on @Jave. Clock is ticking - under 30mins before auto pick at this stage.


Damn you @Birch19

Think Bailey Williams is going to be a very handy defender in fantasy footy. Wish I could have kept 21 keepers. Upon reflection the trade for Wayne Milera has cost me him so they will forever be compared by me!


Get out of the McKenna thread @ivan and take your pick!


I am going to be unavailable to be contacted at all for the majority of tomorrow and maybe into the night.

I’ve asked Melk if he can take my picks for me in this thread, waiting to hear back from him, if he can will that work out ok?


The last few seasons @The_Melkman has had admin rights in UF. I will bestow them on him again so he can draft for you.


Ok thanks but he still hasn’t confirmed that he can yet.


Yeah was worried he was going to go before my pick. Very happy to get him with my 2nd.

Now back to the worried wait for my next pick, hoping one of my players gets through.


Melk has confirmed he will be taking my picks for me…


Yep happy to take contingencies for anyone. As mentioned before I haven’t got a pick until 77…