BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate


Done. James harmes. I’m trying to get the kids down, can someone please do the tag for me


Grumble grumble. That’s the last time I ever prompt Ivan to pick. I wanted Harmes back on my list. Lol.


I’ve taken my first pick.

Welcome Luke Breust

Over to you @westozziebomber


Just need to work out how you can pick for someone else. Might be a question for @dunlop


Lols sorry.


Oh yeah forgot I gave you that pick


Lucky Harmes wasn’t on my preferred list!


@westozziebomber has just been in boxing training for his showdown with Troy Pannell. He will take his pick in the next hour.


Even if not on UF, I can just text you with DtD’s pick


Not sure you can!


Please excuse if this is a dumb question.
Could you make some selections in pre-draft rankings, then delete the ones you don’t use afterwards?
Just looking for a way to set up contingencies.


@No_5 is up.


You’re up


I think that’s what i’m going to have to do or else it’s going to cause issues by the looks of it.


@Come_Back_Hirdy is up.


Ok, so i have set my contingencies in UF and set the option to “Automatic if ranks” and it took my last pick ok, so looks like it’s working ok.


Last handfull of pics haven’t been kind to me.


I like the Impey pick. Seriously considered him with my pick. Think the change of club could do wonders for his scoring.


Yeah, it’s a good pick. Would have taken him at 37.


Texted @westozziebomber since it’s still pretty early out west