BBQ Report - Monday 13 March 2017

No training while players on tour in northern Victoria, Monday and Tuesday. Community functions, farm visits, and clinics for local kids instead.

Leuenberger unsighted, has been sent back to Melbourne for scans. Also no sign of any coaching staff, unless you count Sheeds.

Langford, Gleeson and Stanton all with thigh bandages for corks. Stanton walking with most pronounced limp. Fanta with support stocking on calf.


Was laverde there?

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Is that mcgrath standing behind langford?


No he wasn’t. I hadn’t realised he was injured, otherwise I would have looked for him and asked about him. I presume he was sent back as well.

To save anyone else asking - I just did a check, everyone else was there, i.e. 24 who played + Dea, Howlett, Hartly minus Leuey and Lav.

Nope, that’s Sam Draper - definite project player. :slight_smile:

Also I was surprised how big McGrath was when I saw him in a line up with the others - considering the blitz commentary. Very broad across shoulders and chest. He doesn’t look too small to me, he is already bigger than Parish who has been in system for a year.

Watching McGrath live yesterday I also thought he played well - he only did 47% game time so that is why folks say he wasn’t sighted much. His handball skills are elite which is what we need in our backline. Plus he was running to support positions a lot of the time, but was not used. He stats will improve a lot once team starts to gel a bit better. Lock for R1 IMO.


Fanta’s socks… :astonished:

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No no no no no ! that just won’t do, old bean. Blitz needs to hang ■■■■ on someone, and you’re spoiling it.

At least Fanta put on two socks of the same colour.

What’s with the kid in the background?

Standing got too much for old man Goddard?

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Tuesday update …
Modified group: Langford, Gleeson & Stanton smaller bandages on corks. Stanton much less limp than yesterday. Raz in plain dark socks, no calf support stocking.

I asked about Laverde, just a rolled ankle … they sent him back to Melbourne so he didn’t have to stand on it all day at community functions. [This proved to be not such good info - see club injury report.]


Isn’t that getting a bit too personal?