Ben Rutten - A Trucken decent year



We are so gunna get fined by the AFL


Fingers crossed it has that impact.


Is anyone else concerned that we might be chasing tail by just getting people from other clubs and trying to replicate them rather than developing our own thing?

Neil Balme said that Truck played an important part of thier success last

Great pick up


Isn’t there some thing where assistant coaches are supposed to be told what’s going on by the beginning of August? Bit hard to wait until the end of the season when everyone has to sort their ■■■■ out with a month to go.

Amart, Makita and now Rutten.


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Our coaching structure and number of coaches isn’t a fixed proposition. By that I mean just because we got rid of one coach (Neeld) doesn’t mean we can then only bring in one new coach.

You would like to think that at some stage the club review the coaching structure and bring in and get rid of coaches as required. We may need 2 coaches we may need 22.

I don’t know anything about Rutten as a coach, but if he’s responsible for turning Grimes into a good footballer then welcome aboard.


I was just being facetious. An extension of the joke that the AFL fine us when we break the ‘rules’.


Yeah if assistant coaches don’t re-sign at thier current club by August 1st then they have to look else where

Announcing things at this stage of the season allows all parties involved to know where they stand. Nothing wrong with a little transparency. l doubt that this was meant to be kept as a secret.

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Essendon doing what it can to get us into premiership contention.

Richardson coming in brought that fresh pair of eyes. As did Woosha.

At least we are doing something.


Of course. But the neeld position is yet to have been filled so simply making the point that so far it doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else is making way.


We developed our own thing over the preseason. Round 2 to Round 8 show the results of that.

The Neeld position is redundant. However, another coaching structure change is possible.

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Cue SWMNBN going into another meltdown. Good. Love it.


Welcome Ben, now what about our forwards - Caracella would be a nice complementary addition.

Book 'em Danno


I’ve heard Caracalla has re signed for 2 years

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