Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Fair enough. Well, that is good then.


Good man Deckham.
Always respect peoples privacy, and respect confidential information.


Bags also kicked 3 against the Hawks in round 20 too


got a missus innit


Sounds like dusk on the Kokoda trail.


Best 22 VFL Round 1

B: McNeice Hartley Ambrose
HB: Dea Zerk-thatcher Ridley
C: Jok D Clarke Long
HF: Ham Stewart Houlahan
F: Mosquito Gown Z Clarke
R: Draper Laverde Mutch
Int: Mynott, Brown, Guelfi, Redman, Begley, Lavender, Hocking ©
Fletcher 23rd man?


B. Francis Hurley Saad
HB. Myers Hooker McKenna
C. Mcgrath Heppel Zaharakis
HF. Stringer Mckernan Walla
FF. Orazio Daniher Smith
R. Bellchambers Shiel Merret
Inter. Laverde Parish Guelfi Langford
Emer. Baguley Stewart Ridley
Note : injured and won’t play round 1 - Begley Gleeson Redman.

By the way I’m not a fan of Myers to take us to the next level, but I can’t be farcked copping all the criticism so I’ve put him in . I’d rather we now play more kids like Ridley and Redman when fit. I’d also like to see Begley in the 22 but he won’t play straight away. That said, overall that’s a starting 22 to get excited with :+1:


That’s hilarious.

You don’t want to cop criticism regarding Myers, so you’ve put him in… on the HBF!!!

Solid effort.


Farck me I’ve put him in and I’m still copping it. I had to address his spot as I’ve stated my case ad museum on the David Myers thread and I didn’t want to be called a hypocrite. Any way the side is good enough to cover for the SS Titanic, - let the sledges begin .


Mosquito = 0 Hitouts. Delist.


Just put him on the bench.

That’s where I’d put him. Good for midfield rotations as our midfield extractor when the other midfielders get tired.

Also ad museum is a pretty funny auto correct.


Apt for Myers, the somewhat old fashioned footballer, with the retro moustache.


What’s got a missus in it?


I’m having PTSD flashbacks of when I built a house on Raymond Island 15 yrs ago looking at that.

I need a Bex and a good lie down, … .


If I looked like him I know what i’d be doing.


The foundations of Chris Dawson’s house?


Lol Pay that. :clap: :clap: ::clap:


I’m a bit lid on about Lav tbh. Very low expectations and if he pretty surprised if he managed more than 10 games this season.


■■■■■■ hell. This is the second time tonight I agree with you.
Wtf is going on?


Full moon?