Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Nah, he went forward against Freo and Richmond too.


He kicked a goal against the Saints too.


I really like that line-up. The inclusion of Brown provides us more flexibility, and allows Hooker to go forward if necessary, and Stringer midfield without losing any height in the forward line.


BT will dine out on this team in 2019. Boys, go to games by all means, just don’t sit in a row when BT is commentating.

2019 Bombers esports team:

Coach – Scott Farmer
Captain – TBC
Jake ‘Rogue’ Sharwood
Victor ‘FBI’ Haung
Min ‘Mimic’ Ju-Sung
Choi ‘Balkhan’ Hyun Jin
Tommy ‘Ryoma’ Le


B: Conor McKenna, Michael Hurley, Martin Gleeson
HB: Aaron Francis, Cale Hooker, Adam Saad
C: David Zaharakis, Dyson Heppell, Andrew McGrath
HF: Orazio Fantasia, Shaun McKernan, Devon Smith
F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, Jake Stringer
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Zach Merrett, Dylan Shiel
I/C: Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, David Myers, Patrick Ambrose


Realistic attempt that. Like it.


That’s identical to my team but I would take out Ambrose and replace with Laverde or Guelfi.


We need a 7th defender who isn’t a kpd.

Guelfi/Redman it would be. Out Ambrose.


Also need a 6th forward.
We need a 3rd designated small fwd.
Fantasia and Walla shouldn’t play more than 75% tog. It will impact their explosive output.
Unless the likes of Smith, Merrett, Shiel and McGrath rotate a fwd pocket we need 7 defenders, 6 fwds, 1 ruck and 8 mids.
Ideally 1 fwd, 1 def, 2 mids resting and 1 mid a kick ahead of the play playing ‘hf’ or resting deep.


I don’t think this will happen, but I would like to see it.

Unlike others, I don’t see a massive upside to Gleeson in the team. I think he is solid, but I’d prefer to run with an extra midfielder than play Gleeson. I would be happy for McGrath and even Heppell to rest in backline.

I think that our backline has moved past needing Gleeson to be a starter. Hurley/Hooker/Francis/Saad/McKenna plus Heppell/McGrath is strong enough for me, with Gleeson being next cab off the rank. And ideally a Ridley/Redman will leap ahead of Gleeson.

I have nothing against the guy, and I have noted that he improves each year, but I would like for us to be in a position where he is depth rather than an automatic inclusion.

I fully expect this to be an unpopular opinion haha


I contend there is about 85% agreement on our best 22 with only 3 or 4 players in dispute (Players in italics).

If Gleeson shows enough form he should be back in the best 22, if not I would be looking out for Ridley.

If Smack weren’t injured and finished the season in the form he was in pre injury, he would be a lock too. Although Stewart would be hoping he can make up some ground to take the KPF spot off Smack, but he would have to also improve as a ruck back up.

Myers form also could demand inclusion for round 1, but I would like another forward, Guelfi for the Baguley role is realistic, and Bags could also demand his spot. Mozzie is the heir apparent when he is ready. But Begley and Laverde have potential to claim this spot too, but I do prefer 3 small forwards including a red hot defensive forward like Bags or Guelfi until Mozzie is ready.

I like Ambrose, but I think we have moved passed him as a best 22. If Redman could have kept on the park and continued to show his pre-injury form I think he would have a place sewn up.


Soooo, identical but not to capacity?


Well Gleeson did Fark all this year.


B: Pidge, Hooker, Franga

HB: Saad, Hurley, Ridley

C: Zaka, Heppell, Irish

HF: Smith, Joey, Raz

F: Walla, Smack, Stringer

R: Belly, Zerrett, Shiel

I: Langers, Parish, Guelfi, Fridge

E: Bags, Gleeson, Lav, Myers

NB: Replaced Gleeson with Ridley (only based on Marty’s return from a significant injury).

  • Would like to see Irish and Pidge rotate the wing/BP pozzie. Given the importance of small forwards, Pidge can shut down a quality small forward (think Betts) and also provide an attacking option (think Wanganeen).


We’ve consistently picked 7 defenders in the 22 over the last few years. You’ve picked 5 there, so it’s not just Gleeson you’re pushing out. If McGrath and Heppell are covering the 6th defensive spot the entire game then it’s at least half the game that they’re not playing midfield


Unpopular opinion by many but I like Hooker forward he kicked like 30 something goals in 2017.


I don’t think he was helped by training to be a key forward up until about round 6 in the season before being shifted to the backline. He’ll have a good year next year.


Marty is a problem. Right now he is still only running and has been doing handball drills, pumping iron and helping coach the VFL team for the last 9 months.

I don’t think maximum 6 weeks of preseason contact drills leading in to 2 JLT matches is enough to be ready for AFL 18 months after his last AFL game.

In 2019 Round 1 I expect Marty to play in the VFL. That will be for 2-3 weeks, then force his way back in to the AFL side.


You could look at it the other way and say it was a popular opinion by many too. I like him forward…and back.


Will definitely be 7 backline players. Some people haven’t got a back flanker at all which I doubt we will see.

Why we’d want to start pinching Heppell, one of our starting square mids, to play back flank is beyond me.