Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I dunno. Do any of those involve face punching, cricket or skolling beer?


Verse is classical Strayan.


It is, now.
Can’t stand it myself, but my kids have been using it since they were young.


I assumed it was just an idiosyncratic thing with my nephews because they were young.

I have to say, I don’t hate it.
The alternative is ‘I’ll play against you?’
Verse seems more specific.


From recent training reports it’s sounds like Langford, Laverde, Myers, Rodman and Francis all in the mix for starting 22. Good luck picking a best 22.

Francis. Hooker. Gleeson
Saad. Hurley. McKenna

McGrath. Heppell. Smith
TBell. Shiel. Merrett

Stringer. Joe. Fantasia
Walla. McKernan. Bags

Zaharakis. Langford. Laverde. Redman.

Feels like I’ve missed some mid grunt as well as a bit of toe on that bench. But, maybe not. Mitch Brown seems to be short changed too wonder how Bags is going this off season? Do we start someone like Smith forward and use more mids in the rotation? Good problems. Very good problems.

Edit: Darcy Parish! Nope. This is too difficult.


You asked, so:

A Preseason Haiku

Players practice skills
Joey’s training gathers pace
P.S. Fark Carlton


This year for me, will be the first since the very early 2000s that will be a clear dilemma in leaving out blokes that have a great case for the 1s.

Great place to be (finally).

B: McKenna, Hooker, Francis

HB: Saad, Hurley, Gleeson

C: Zaharakis, Shiel, Smith

HF: Stringer, JD, Walla

F: Fantasia, McNernan, Bags/Begley

R: Tom Bellchambers, Merrett, Heppell

Interchange: Myers/Ridley, Parish, McGrath. Langford


I think the team has moved past the point where it is forbidden to talk about Gleeson not being selected.


Backline is unbeatable. I predict no goals will be kicked against us this year.


Its only a problem insofar as some Blitz folk are putting him in their Round 1 best 22 imo.



According to your sources?


Nope, this is my call. Bookmark it.


It is not uncommon for a player or 2 to change positions or roles from 1 year to the next so a 22 that you consider to have just 5 or 6 “defenders” may in fact have 7.

In my 22 I have 6 what I would call pure defenders and McGrath is my 7th defender who rotates through there.


See my comments re using McGrath ( or Heppell) as a defender - bad idea in several ways.


I’d be shocked, shocked I tell you, if McGrath didn’t play as a back/mid this year.


We’ve been transitioning McGrath to a permanent midfield role this year which also included resting fwd at times. We need his pace, pressure and clean hands in midfield.

I don’t see him being part of back 6/7 unless injuries hit our small defenders.

B: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Ridley/Gleek Hurls McKenna

7th - Guelfi/Redman ( Goddard’s previous role)


Agree totally with Speedy.
McGrath will only play back in break glass circumstances.
If you want to take a left field approach to trying to fit all our mids in, and use McGrath as the attacking mid he should be;
Consider transitioning Zaharakis to the back flank as one of the seven defenders


The only reason this is coming up is people can’t fit all the mids they want into side

IMO it then comes down either one of those mids just missing out (Parish?/Myers?) or Bags not playing and we rotate any of Smith / Zerrett / McGrath /Shiel / Zaka through the 6th fwd spot.

The latter what I expect to happen if we had a full squad available. However it’s highly unlikely that will ever happen.


You’re also going to have Stringer/Fanta/Tippa doing some midfield minutes, so I guess it makes sense that McGrath will end up more forward than back.

I’m really not sure about Zaka in the backline.