Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Footy is not all stoppage, is it? I just have that perception because Heppell is often one of the first to link up with when we have the ball. I understand plays are usually set up in back half but there’s always a player who you want to have the ball to get it forward (think Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis at Hawthorn). But I conclude that Heppell is a workhorse like HAP says, and that could be just why he’s often the first link.


Thanks, nice one. I feel Merrett might be a bit understated though, considering at draft time his burst of speed was considered a strength But maybe he’s lower on your list because it’s over 50m? Do you think the order would change much if it was 20m?


That sort of list is very much a guess, although it would be interesting to know the real list.

FWIW, i’d Have Merrett ahead of Ambrose and everyone else in between


Yeah, I do think it would change a lot.
Stewart would climb up. Walla would be #2, maybe.
If it were over 100m, McGrath would figure for top spot. But of course - this is just a personal opinion :slight_smile:


On a serious note I think Zerk is significantly faster, relative to others, especially over 30 to 50 metres.

Based on some of his runs out of the backline and chasing contested ground balls last season there weren’t too many players who ran away from him.


Yeah, it’s a good point. Tall lanky people often look slower than they are - case in point, Joey.


Man its like only Christmas, and I am getting excited for the season already. Never been this edgy this early in the pre-season. Starting to watch all the highlights of 2018. Bring it on baby…


Most likely to run 50m to help the team:



gwelf ambrose hurley
saad francis gleeson
mckenna hepp zaka
tbell shiel zerrett
smith jd fanta
tippa hooker stringer

langford mcg parish ridley

myers smack mutch clarke redman bags begley z clarke brown stewart laverde

we have some depth and i probably missed someone


FB: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: Heppell Shiel McGrath
Belly Langford Merrett
HF: Smith Mckernan Tippa
FF: Fantasia Daniher Stringer
B: Parish Zaharakis Laverde Guelfi


@nackers even though I read your reports religiously I haven’t paid too much attention to info on Hooker.

Is he training basically exclusively as a defender?


Hawks set up Mitchell (and Burgoyne) as the kick off half back and Lewis as the kick into 50 because they were such brilliant kicks. Heppell is not at that level by foot. But he is very good working and weaving it out of traffic. Does his best work between the arcs IMO. We have started to use Zerrett a bit as the kick out of the back half.


Yes, only as a defender.

There have been some drills where they have had our best defenders against our best forwards and he has always been a defender.


AFL says we have 4th best defence in the comp in 2019, behind Richmond,
Weagles and Melbourne.


Now that Cale Hooker has settled down back, his partnership with fellow All Australian Michael Hurley is what ranks the Bombers so high. Much of the scoring conceded in 2018 (ranked 11th) came from a lack of midfield pressure and the arrival of assistant Ben Rutten is said to be doing wonders to the Bombers’ defensive outlook this pre-season. Aaron Francis’ end to 2018 has those at Tullamarine excited, providing the perfect option as a third tall in defence to complement Hurley and Hooker. Martin Gleeson’s return from injury will be important to ensure Conor McKenna and Adam Saad can provide attacking flair.

B: Conor McKenna, Michael Hurley, Martin Gleeson
HB: Aaron Francis, Cale Hooker, Adam Saad
C: David Zaharakis, Dyson Heppell, Andrew McGrath
HF: Orazio Fantasia, Shaun McKernan, Devon Smith
F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, Jake Stringer
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Zach Merrett, Dylan Shiel
I/C: Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, David Myers, Patrick Ambrose

Defender depth: Matt Dea, Michael Hartley, Luke Lavender, Ben McNiece, Jordan Ridley, Mason Redman, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher*

Forward depth: Mark Baguley, Josh Begley*, Mitch Brown, Noah Gown, Brayden Ham, Jordan Houlahan, Jayden Laverde, Jake Long, Irving Mosquito, James Stewart

Midfield depth: Dylan Clarke, Matt Guelfi, Tom Jok, Kobe Mutch, Trent Mynott

Ruck depth: Zac Clarke, Sam Draper

Michael Hurley and Cale Hooker are a formidable duo down back for the Bombers. Picture: AFL Photos


I really respect their opinions.


Fair enough. One of the opinions quoted without source was

“the arrival of assistant Ben Rutten is said to be doing wonders to the Bombers’ defensive outlook this pre-season”

Sounds encouraging, but right now it might just as well be fake news.


They obviously haven’t seen Hurley kick.


Straight outta blitz


I love how that article has Liam Jones down as depth for Carlton.

How things can change quickly.


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