Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I think its Guelfi’s versatility which gives him an edge over several of the other players. I like your team Mr. Sunbury1 but I would Guelfi as a starter in the team rather than on the bench.


Nah it’s real and BT reckons the Weapon is doing wonders down at Windy Hill as well. Apparently the players really love him.
…is it too soon?


WTF? Our #1 clearance winner** in 2018 ( one of only 3 big bodied mids in the team ) cannot even get a game in the AFL in 2019 and relegated to less than an emergency?

** if Myers played the same TOG as Tom Mitchell, he would average about 1.5 clearances less per game than the Brownlow medallist who is #1 clearance winner in the comp. ( based on a simple ratio)


Hang on, Zaharakis doesn’t deserve a spot in the best 22…?
We’re only two days into 2019 and you’ve already said one of the most absurd comments of the year


Except he said it last year haha


I expect big things from Zaka this year. Inclusion of Shiel and the expectation of the younger kids stepping up should alleviate him to be the power running winger we know he can be at his best.


Think poncho is eluding to my 22 and yes, I don’t have Myers in it. I think bringing in Shiel and the natural progression of Parish, Langford, Laverde and spells from Stringer, Smith & McGrath with bursts from Fantasia, I fully expect Myers to slip right down the order. He’s a very limited, one sided player and we’re going places if we move past him IMO.


If he didn’t get crunched in the Richmond game 2018 would have been his best season. He was on fire. He’ll be great this season.


True Myers is not a perfect player Mr. Sunbury . I would like to see him win clearances and not just kick so many blind "round the corner " disposals in the forward direction which don’t penetrate as well as his kicks running forward out of stoppages… A bit of coaching should help him to practice long handballs to our half backs, and outside mids, from congested situations. Thats whats needed to help him to take the next step. His body has not done a lot of mileage at AFL level. He should be fit enough to go for a couple more years if he can improve ( thats not going to be a popular suggestion tbh) and if any of Langford, Laverde, or Clarke etc go past him, so be it.


Myers will be deservedly in the side ahead of Lav. But Lav IMO should be gunning for his spot, needs solid block of inside mid time in VFL as per what they did with Langford.

VFL watchers noted Lav dominated when switched in there late in year just before he came back into AFL team.

And Myers apparently is only playing out 2019 and then retiring so it’s there for the taking.


I think in the early days Lav is probably competing for Baguleys spot. Couldn’t see him knocking out a full time inside mid just yet. I really hope he has a good run at it this year.


I doubt Myers would miss up the opportunity for a flag. He’d be hanging on to as many years as he can.


Out of contract end of this year & apparently has external business interests planning on moving towards.

But yes if the body was still ok and playing good footy with team firing be hard to make call.

Injury issues over the years and mental side of things which he has openly spoken about would all be a factor.


Interesting, hust be a good business to be leaving a 300k a year plus job.


I doubt very much Lav is gunning for the small defensive forward role.


Lav as a defensive forward?? No chance.

If he makes it (& I think he will) Lav’s spot will probably be as an onballer who rotates foward, possibly swapping with Stringer.


It wasn’t a defensive forward role until Baguley made it one.

Before Baguley came in it was just a role in the forwardline just like any other.

I can see how Laverde, Baguley or Begley could be gunning for the one role.


Doubt they play JD, Smack, Stringer & Lav all in one fwd line. As such Lav isn’t going to be in there, especially not as a small pressuring fwd that Bags plays (and expected of all smalls)

Lav is essentially Stringers backup at present or will be needing to force his way into mid rotations after block of such in VFL IMO


I read what Lance was saying as that it’s two players competing for the one position.

Doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be pressure forward.

Before Baguley came in we only really had Walla doing it.

If Baguley did a knee then there is no obvious player to replace him. Certainly no experienced pressure forward.


I was playing around with the list the other day. Looking at potential/established/future/gaps etc.