Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I did say in the JLT thread we will 100% lose to geelong as we have a few issues at the moment and everyone said the same thing.
Don’t believe me, i don’t care.


Yeah, imagine how much it’d suck if we won a final under woosha this year. Man I hope we don’t make the 8


How is that statement connected to Hardwick?

You have lost me.


Wouldn’t it be easier for your (imaginary or real) friend to actually support the Bombers & hope they do well, thus negating the need to search for a new coach? Or is that logic too difficult to comprehend?


Is Hardwick even a better coach than woosha?


Not really a stretch saying a good team like Geelong will beat us in a practice match.


Disgrace is a strong word to use about someone’s football. In reference to preseason form it’s farcical.


From an outsider Langford and Parish seem to be vulnerable for midfield minutes with Shiels inclusion and McGraths increased midfield time this year.
Both have had pretty good preseasons, but not turned up in the JLT series.
I think they are both firmly in the clubs round 1 side due to being rated high internally, but if they deliver the same output during the season would be finding themselves in the VFL soon.

Langford will need to spend more time forward and perform there this year. rotating with Stringer.
Parish needs to make the most of his chances in the midfield, as he doesnt have that many other strings to his bow.

We would all love to see Langford bring a bit more intent to his game. But more so going on last year performances where he was a smooth mover and good decision maker and efficient by foot.


I’ve been hearing the same noises. Apparently Dimma recently upgraded to brand new ASUS laptop, so where’s there’s smoke…


The idiots could have had him when they picked Knights


the coach really likes Myers so he will be in I guess


the coach really likes Myers so he will be in I guess

The thing is Hepp and Myers are the only 2 big bodied mids we have, unless Stringer spends more time at stoppages and centre bounces. Thats why they “like” him.


A loss against GWS in Sydney wouldn’t be a surprise nor a major worry unless it’s a 70+ point hiding.
Of greater interest will be Essendon’s result against the Saints in Round 2.



Would be typical for us to get a phenomenal victory in Sydney in round 1 and then come back to Melbourne and take the foot off the pedal and get done by a toothless Saints outfit who finish in the bottom 4.


A lot of people don’t realise but Myers was 12th in the league for average centre clearances last season. With the new rules he’ll probably become more important than ever. I can’t see them leaving him out.


So Joey will play round 1 but on limited minutes?


As long as he gets through training and recovers well between now and then. Also, this page is run by a 13 year old Saints supporter. Take everything it says with a grain of salt.


Oh I’m aware of that. I’ve been heckling the admin for a while now :joy:


We would’ve have given Dimma a lucrative contract extension after 2 years and then fired him the next year.


It’s brilliant. His Ladder prediction for 2019 is worth checking out! Maybe his best work yet.