Best 22 2019 - Round 1


That’s not really what Worsfold said.
He said they’ll consider it, but as we know, Woosha would say the same thing if someone asked him if Hird will play round 1.

fwiw, Daniher played more minutes in JLT2, than Heppell, Smith and Merrett. Why isn’t there the same talk about them possibly playing on modified minutes?


Saints sneaking into the 8 ahead of Melbourne, Geelong and us is a highlight.


Awesome to hear Gleeson and Redman are ready for a practice match! The list is in very good shape.


Thats massive news for Redman and Gleeson.

I wonder if any other AFL listed players will play in the next VFL practice match.

Begley must be close too.


Once Begs is back and Hookers hammy is good in a few weeks then we’re firing on all cylinders. We must have one of the healthiest lists at the moment.


Heppell a big bodied mid? Myers and Langford yes, Heppell no.


Myers, Stringer, Laverde & Langers are around the same size.
Hepp is about 5kg lighter.



Also, If he ain’t fit, he plays ressies.


That’s the one I am most worried about. Especially if we beat GWS, St Kilda are a monty to beat us the following match.


Bounce you over to the Joe Thread where there’s already been hours of circular discussion.
The only verifiable fact is that the headline/ tweet is not what Woosha actually said.
So hypothetically on hypothetical misinformation Joey would …


It’s classic. Journalist asks question, coach answers in a vague way, the answer is then printed as though it were a statement from the coach.


Blitz then reacts as if it were
A) verbatim quotes
B) a cover up for something worse that the club/ coaches won’t admit to


I respectfully yet vehemently decline.


I dont think its a matter of the “coach really likes Myers”. He will play until someone forces him out.


joe just has to take a huge mark in the first few minutes to get the team going.


Yeah remember when he did that in this years JLT 1 and on the bigger stage in the 2017 final. Really got the opposition team firing.


Myers is best 22 . Not a popular view round here. If fit he will be selected for round 1 . Get used to it !


It’s a no brainer. I’ll go as far as saying i think he’ll have a really good year too.


That guy is a regular in “Nuffies of AFL pages”. Constanly pumps up St. Kilda.


■■■■■■ hell! The AFL website have dropped Parish! They’ve been reading too much Blitz…

B: Aaron Francis, Michael Hurley, Conor McKenna
HB: Jordan Ridley, Patrick Ambrose, Adam Saad
C: David Myers, Zach Merrett, Dyson Heppell
HF: Orazio Fantasia, Mitch Brown, Devon Smith
F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, Jake Stringer
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Andrew McGrath, Dylan Shiel
I/C: Kyle Langford, David Zaharakis, Shaun McKernan, Matt Guelfi
EMERG: Mark Baguley, Darcy Parish, Dylan Clarke, Sam Draper

NEW: Dylan Shiel

UNAVAILABLE: Josh Begley (knee), Matt Dea (knee), Cale Hooker (calf), Martin Gleeson (ankle), Kobe Mutch (ankle), Mason Redman (ankle)

NOTES: Cale Hooker is unavailable due to a calf injury, so Patrick Ambrose gets the nod as Michael Hurley’s defensive partner. Youngster Jordan Ridley was impressive in the JLT Community Series and deserves his spot in Essendon’s back six. Coach John Worsfold has flagged that Joe Daniher may be put on a minutes restriction for round one, so picking both Mitch Brown and Shaun McKernan becomes a must. McKernan can provide Tom Bellchambers a chop out in the ruck as well. Mark Baguley and Darcy Parish are unlucky not to be selected, with Matt Guelfi to provide defensive or midfield coverage if needed. - Ben Guthrie