Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Parish would be most likely if playing 3 kpf’s which he has picked to do.

One of the mids has to drop out.


Over Guelfi? I understand why you’d drop parish before Guelfi but i wonder if Parish would understand that haha.


Guelfi is the 7th defender

In the rotations with running defenders (& wings)

Parish not good enough or has the strings to his bow to be ahead of any of the other mids if we were running that taller fwd line. Is what it is.

If running a smaller fwd line with Bags in as well then Parish would miss out also IMO

He’d get his opportunity sometime in the year though.


Yeah i get that. I just don’t think Parish would like getting dropped again. Some players are really going to have to fight to keep their spots this year. It’s good stuff.


I didn’t like Guelfi’s formline at all in the 2 JLT games, and he is one that could NOT afford to be going at 80%.
Therefore, I would use a combination of McGrath and Heppell to fill that 7th Defender role.
I like the idea of playing an extra tall in Smack to ease JD into the season.

That leaves the last position available to be between Parish and Baguley.
I’m OK with either.
If it happens to be Parish OUT, then Stringer can attend more Centre Bounce and increase his midfield minutes.
If Bags is OUT, then we have a bona fide extra mid, thus releasing Zac and Dev to rest forward and provide forward pressure.


I agree but as average as Guelfi was he was still better than Parish. And let’s be honest, not many looked great. I think they’ll both play though.


So you don’t think they’ll pick the extra tall, which probably means Smack is OUT.
I certainly agree with you, in that Brown has to play as a forward.

If I’m being honest, I’d be ecstatic if they left Joey OUT, and built him up for a Rd.4 return.
More training, some rezzie practice matches, and preferably 1 VFL game as a minimum.
We both know that won’t happen though !


Yeah i think unfortunately for Smack he wont be playing.

The club will definitely put Joe straight in. I know some people don’t like it but Richmond are going to do the same thing with Lynch and he hasn’t even played a JLT.


Where’s Lav? They haven’t even listed him as an emergency. Lav is primed. Ready to go. Guelfi out (Lav in).


I can’t wait to see him out there! I had him as an emergency in my best 22 but i think he’s probably more likely to be fighting for a spot in the forward line.


Yep. If they play the three talls in Joey, Brown & Smack, Lav will miss. If two talls, he should play. First full preseason (ever?) & looked good in the second half of the Scum game.


LAV better play




Talk VERDE to me


Best 22 post Daniher injury
Start with best clearance combo in centre - Myers, Heppell, Zerrett
side is pretty balanced.

B: Saad Ambrose Francis
Hb: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: Mcgrath Heppell Shiel
Hf: Smith Brown Stringer
F: Tippa McKernan Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Myers Merrett
Int: Zaharakis Laverde Guelfi Langford

Emg: Parish, Baguley, Ham

Parish is a bit stiff to miss out after good preseason, but if theres any more calf injuries before round 1 he is definitely in.


R1 looks like this for me.

B: Saad Ambrose Ridley
HB: Francis Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Merrett
HF: Stringer Brown Zaka
F: Tippa Smack Fantasia

R: Belly Myers Shiel

Bench: Smith, Parish, Langford, Laverde

Emerg: Guelfi, Bags, Clarke, Clarke


Saad Ambrose Francis
McKenna Hurley Ridley
Belly Shiel Merrett
Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
Tippa Brown Stringer
Fanta McKernan Smith

Laverde Myers Parish Ham


Ham??? What


Yep. This.


It’s still a great looking team. If there’s one position we can cover it’s tall forwards. I’ve always had Brown in the team but having Smack, Clarke and Stewart all waiting in line softens the blow.