Best 22 2019 - Round 1


B: Saad Ambrose Ridley
HB: Francis Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Smith
HF: Fantasia Brown Stringer
F: McDonald-Tipungwuti McKernan Guelfi
R: Bellchambers Merrett Shiel
INT: Zaharakis Parish Myers Langford
EM: Laverde Z.Clarke Baguley D.Clarke

During pre-season we struggled with locking the ball inside our forward 50. For me Guelfi players for this very reason. He’s a tough kid, good tackler, brave, has a decent enough goal sense. That’s still a decent team despite missing 2 bookend players.


Unlikely, but my preference for outside balance. Speed, endurance, skills and versatility. He’s my ‘from nowhere’ prediction for the year, despite his lack of size.


Those ■■■■■■■ don’t even have Lav as an emergency. Ivan Drago slotted 4 in a quarter in our last competitive match. He’s ■■■■■■■ playing round 1 and YOU will all like it


Technically it was 3


I don’t give a ■■■■ if it was 1, he’s ■■■■■■■ playing


Saad Hurley Francis
MCKenna Zerk_Thatcher Heppel
Zaharakis Sheil McGrath
Stringer McKernan Fantasia
Baguley Brown Mcdonald _Tippa
Bellchambers Smith
Myers Langford Parish Guelfi
Emerg. Laverde, Ambrose, Ridley, Z. Clarke




Same as mine except for Laverde. I am a fan but there is no room for him, I got Guelfi in instead because we can’t run with fwd/mids only on bench.


I would go with 3 of the new guys:
Stringer, Sheil and Smith as the most damaging combination in at the centre bounces. Pace, power, tackling and 2 of the 3 renowed for their high clearance numbers.


It was my hardest to choose the last spot between this two. I went for Lav as I think we can use him to enable stringer to play more midfield minutes.

I also think a Guelfi had a poor JLT and didn’t want to reward him for making so many errors. He need to tighten up his game a bit.


Going off jumpers white seems to best 22.

Saad Hurley Ambrose
Ridley Francis McKenna
Smith Heppell Merrett
TBC Myers Shiel
Zaka Brown Fantasia
Stringer Smack Baguley

McGrath Langford xxx xxx

Walla - hopefully will be right to go.
Laverde - mostly in black, extra forward coverage. Black as a mid, white as fwd.
Guelfi - didn’t train but had white earlier in the week, extra defensive coverage.
Parish - 100% mid but in black, extra mid coverage.


Good observation!

If so seems they sticking with the positional structure fwd and not going for an extra mid.

B. Saad Ambrose Francis
HB: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Smith
HF: TIPPA** Brown Fantasia
F: Stringer Smack Baguley
R: Belly Shiel Zerrett

B: Zaka, Myers, Langford, Guelfi** (7th def)

Hooker (& no obvious match up vs GWS anyway with Patton out) missing aside it’s a strong team.

Just need to fire up pressure wise & I expect they will when 4pts on the line.


I think it will be either Guelfi or Parish. I can’t get a read on them. When both Merrett and Hep were injured both went through the midfield. Guelfi then went into defence in the JLT and seems to play any position equally as good and Parish looked great training within but struggled against actual opposition. I don’t know whether they are still hardening Parish up and putting him up against our best as learning or if the reality is he’s fringe. Every sim he’s been in what I’d consider the weaker team. That’s been the case for the last 2 years. I question whether it’s the right method as he misses out working and building connection with our other mids that would him in at AFL level.


Not sure it’s anything more than just Parish is behind the players for the roles that best suit him.

And because he doesn’t have many other strings to his bow to play varying roles it is what it is. He’s essentially an undersized inside mid without any real standout attributes (pace/endurance/footskills etc)

Langford moved past him in pecking order mid last year when he was dropped and McGrath appears to have as well now.

I personally can see him missing out and just having to wait for opportunity via injury/suspension etc. Still a very good player to have to call up.


On the available evidence he appears a pretty limited player. Average athletically + very few standout football traits. Best case scenario he becomes a solid B grader.

Only my opinion and I understand others feel otherwise which is fine.


Fools. Just play him in the guts.


I see Parish’s standout qualities to be his handballs (which I believe will be his elite quality), his clean ball handling, movement around stoppages and his overall terrier intensity at the ball and man. I see him as a Daniel Kerr, Cousins, Simon Black ‘TYPE’ but those blokes had elite ability on the outside too which Parish needs to work on. IMO his precise inboard kicks late last year were very damaging and you can tell he has the potential and footy brain to make it a strength with more work.

We’ve all seen what Parish is capable of e.g. his final against Sydney. But his biggest skills will only flourish consistently once his body is big enough and his running good enough to sustain it…plus the self-belief that he is good enough. Has always been a weak tackler maybe because of his poor strength but that is definitely an area that will improve over time. Right now he’s had a brilliant pre-season with a couple of confidence dampening JLT games. All he needs is some confidence and possibly an opportunity in the seniors through injury and i’m confident he will flourish.


Saad Hurley Francis
Guelfi Ambrose McKenna

Mids Centres
McGrath Heppell Smith
Bellchambers Sheil Merrett

Tipungwuti Brown Fantasia
Stringer McKernan Baguley

Zaharakis Myers Langford Parish


Ridley plays rd 1. Also, you don’t have a 7th defender. I dare say they won’t play 100% game time and Hepp playing a little bit in JLT isn’t enough to suggest he’ll be that person.


Did we get to the bottom of the Walla injury or was that a hoax?