Best 22 redux for what's left of 22

There are too many variables for everyone to come up with something based on the same parameters. Eg - Tex is currently injured. Will he be ready to play before (if) Tippa is ready to play?

Anyway, this is what I came up with in a few minutes, a few days back based on players that we know can play this week :

Backs: McGrath, Laverde, Ridley
Hb: Redman , Reid, Heppell
C: Durham, Martin , Hind
HF: Perkins, Wright, Merrett
FF: Lord, Stringer, Guelfi
Rucks: Draper, Parish , Hobbs
Int: Caldwell, Cutler, Baldwin, Kelly.

I wanted Andy in a back pocket. With the arrival of Caldwell and Hobbs, I’d let him play in the most likely spot to maximize his talents. Get Archie more midfield minutes. We’re quite slow so I wanted Hind back in the side. I wanted some sort of raw pace up front so Lord gets the (unjustified) debut. Obviously we now know Jake is injured so that needs changing.

As the season rolls, I want as many games as possible into everyone drafted in the last two years, in roles they can do. Tex, Martin, Hobbs, Archie, Cox, Reid, Lord, whoever. The side needs some enthusiasm for the game, and for each other.

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you need a bovril mate you are bang out of order

tabs is gonna get his bag against essendon even if he was on peak fletch

I quite like that. Hind actually had some big games on the wing for the Saints, at least 1 anyway.

Wonder if there is any chance we could get McKenna back. Need a line breaker out of the backline, that at least looks like he wants to attack.

I think 5 is pushing it.


I think those frees were so rubbish, even Ridley could have copped them against.

It would have been nice to try it, though. Or even try Zerk. Try a move. Occasionally.

He did that vs WB too. One he just outright tackled a guy on the lead which was infuriating because they dropped the mark anyway

I don’t have a best 22, but my thoughts:

I really hope we don’t bring Stewart back in to play in defence. Be done with that
Reid has to play seniors the rest of the year
Baldwin needs a season in the seconds. Hoping Jones or Francis can come back.
I want to see tippa in the seniors again
Play hobbs in the centre and use more midfield rotations. Feels like the same group at every bounce, needs more Perkins, Caldwell, Hobbs etc in there
Give Hird a crack before allowing Smith or Ham back in

Unlike most, I don’t think Lav’s issue is that he’s a bit short, I think he’s a bit slow. Certainly off the mark.

Ridley takes different starting positions to lav. He prefers to protect the drop zone rather than work his opponent past it. He doesn’t give away those frees. Maybe I’m adding a bit of Mayo but tab kicked 5 in 30 minutes and it completely demoralised us. If we’re 3 goals down instead of 6 at 3qtr time we probably get a better contest. I still think we lose, just not by 8 goals.

Maybe I put to much stock it in but I just think our structure looks so much better with Ridley as the anchor and if you can hang around in games for longer your every chance to sneak some momentum.

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Well I obviously agree with that.