Best 22 - Round 2

Ok, so there have been a million threads in the past discussing best 22 for round 1, but this is likely to be the first best 22 for round 2 ever.

B: Saad Francis McKenna
HB: Hurley Ambrose Ridley
C: McGrath Parish Cutler
HF: Smith McKernan Stringer
F: Snelling Hooker Townsend
R: Bellchambers Shiel Merrett

Bench: Zaharakis Langford Heppell Guelfi

Emg: Hams Laverde Zerk Phillips

I have accounted for some injuries best I can, as well as coaches fav’s in TBell and Zaharakis. Thoughts?


Think McKenna misses. Hooker back. Stewart forward.

Coaches seem to pick Guelfi more often than not but hard to see how he makes his way into this team.

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Francis doesn’t even make the emergencies?


In: Hep D, Ambrose, McKernan.
Out: Snelling, Zerk, McKenna

Looks pretty good to me mate. I’d swap Ridley for Francis and Smack for Stewart.

A best 22 for a Rnd 2 has never before been so much pointless guesswork.
Zero exposed form, so much gone on in 2 Months off for so many players, each effected differently.

Absolutely nothing to go on.


B: Saad Hooker Ambrose
HB: Redman Hurley Guelfi
C: Langford Heppell Cutler
HF: Smith McKernan Stringer
F: Tippa Stewert Townsend
R: Phillips Shiel Merrett
I Francis Zaka Snelling Parish

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Bellchambers over Phillips?

You disappoint me clone_hirdy

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It’s actually really tough at the moment. It would be easier to select if we were in a development year. For the sake of it though I’ll pick my semi ‘development’ best 22 assuming JD is not available. Even still it’s tricky

Francis Ambrose Saad
Ridley zerk Redman

Langford hepp Merrett
Draper McGrath Shiel

Fanta Stewart Smith
Tippa smack stringer

Conor parish Cutler Townsend

In terms of who would be in line if we aren’t going youngish, which we will not be, obviously we’d be talking about Hurley hooker Zaha and tbell. Honestly I’m not sure the we lose as much as some might think by leaving them out.

How was that for you?


Have we got an answer on interchange bench size yet?

Let’s assume we get 6 on the bench, this is the side I’d expect to be selected.

Saad Ambrose Hurley
Redman zerk Ridley

Langford hepp Merrett
Tbell McGrath Shiel

Smith smack Townend
Tippa hooker stringer

Gleeson parish Cutler Zaha Phillips Snelling

If it’s a 6 man bench I’d leave tbell and Zaha out but you watch them leave out Phillips and parish.

I don’t expect Conor to be picked, I reckon hepp will get up. Would not suprise if we lose someone else to injury, probably Redman. Guelfi will play if so. Ditto if hepp misses.

If hepp does play we probably don’t see as much of stringer in the middle

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FB: Ridley, Hurley, Francis
HB: Redman, Hooker, Saad
C: Zaharakis, Shiel, McGrath
HF: Laverde, Stringer, Townsend
FF: Tippa, McKernan, Smith
FOL: Bellchambers, Heppell, Merrett

Bench: Langford, Parish, Snelling, Cutler

In: McKernan, Heppell, Hooker
Out: Fantasia, Zerk-Thatcher, Guelfi

I think more realistically it may be:

In: McKernan, Heppell, Hooker
Out: Laverde, Zerk-Thatcher, Cutler/Ridley

Otherwise we may be top heavy.

Why would you expect them to leave Parish out?

Because history and Essington. Not saying that’s what I would do

He’s never missed round 2 in his AFL career. History?

He got mucked around at the start of last year didn’t he?

Was terrible in JLT and missed round 1 then played every game for the rest of the season. (except maybe 1?)

I think that stint he did in the 2nds for about 8 rounds in 2018 has people thinking he’s a little harder done by than he actually is. He came back a way better player too.

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B- Redman Hurley Francis
HB Saad Zerk Ridley
C- McGrath Shiel Cutler
Hf- Stringa Smack Smith
F tippa Hooker Laverde

Rk- Belly Heppell Zerrett

Int- Parish Zaka Snelling Langford

just fkn play mozzie


I only came in here to see if @ivan had posted.

This is definitively a legit best 22 thread already