Best and Fairest Predictions

Give the first award to Xavier.

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The players filling spots 7 through to 10 will have played close to the worst season of football ever to still earn a top 10 B&F finish.

The only guys who come remotely close to having decent seasons are Ridley, Merrett, McGrath, Saad, Langford, Shiel.

That’s what happens when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Best Clubman: Tommy Bellchambers
Most Couragous: McGrath.
Goal Kicker: Tippa?
Rising Star/First year: Drapes
Most Improved: Langford

Trainers and Staff award: not for me to speculate! Joe Dan or Hepp for their rehab work?

its a bit scary that Snelling probably deserves to be in the top 10.

obviously injuries play a key part with past winners mising lots of games

Tippa’s about 5 goals up on Stringer, isn’t he?

Crichton Medalist: Zach Merrett
Runner up: Jordan Ridley

Top 10:
1 Merrett
2 Ridley
3 McGrath
4 Shiel
5 Saad
6 Langford
7 Parish
8 Hurley
9 Smith
10 Stewart

Bruce Heymanson Best Clubman – David Zaharakis

Adam Ramanauskas Most Courageous Player – Matt Guelfi

Matthew Lloyd Leading Goalkicker – Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

Lindsay Griffiths Rising Star – Brayden Ham

Most Improved Player – Kyle Langford

John Kilby Trainers and Staff Award – ??? Heppell maybe

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who cares or similar

You’re predicting he’ll be there - bold!

1 Ridley
2 Merrett
3 McGrath
4 Saad
5 Langford
6 Parish
7 Shiel
8 Hurley
9 McTipungwuti
10 Snelling

Goalkicker - Tippa
Rising Star - Draper
Most Improved - Ridley
Best Clubman - McGrath
Most Courageous - Hurley

Agree with this list!

Would be a bit awks for anyone staying at the same hotel not to head down to the conference room on level 1.

What will be interesting is if the players and wags put their room keys in a bowl on entering the bnf.

Giggity :rofl:

I do wonder how long the players will stay in the hub after Saturday. I’m assuming the end of season trip is in Qld somewhere but will many be super keen to get back to Melb?

Well the Whitsundays are beautiful in September and someone needs to fill the backpacker bars at Airlie Beach?

But without the backpackers its not as much fun

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Im pretty sure there will be a few Wags in tow and various hangers on.

Footy trips have changed. I thought it was a strict no wags policy.

Probably won’t but for me Saad was our best player. Does all the little things better than most. Consistently in our best six each game. I know Zerrett is the popular pick but would love Saad to win it.
Might persuade him to stay as well. Can we rig it?

  1. Merret
  2. Ridley
  3. McGrath

(I though Saad was better last year).

It’s only going to be an hour according to Mark Stevens.

Seems get the b&f over with and then head back to Victoria.

I’m actually wrapt that we no longer have to stay in this circus of a season and get to come back home.