Best Essendon Team - Under 100 games

Lack of a 2nd ruckman so he did come into calculations along with Steve Taubert. John Barnes also qualifies as he played 50-odd games for us. Probably could’ve gone with Barnesy in hindsight.

David Grenvold was a Glenelg boy as well?

Long arms and big mitts for his height!

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Yes he was

After Paul Weston left Essendon he took a player/coach role at Torrens before playing his final year at Norwood. Was a very good footballer.


And if anyone tries to tell you punctuation doesn’t matter, quote this sentence at them!


Tip Rat Milne

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Phew! I thought I might have made a mistake there.

The ridicule I’d be subject to!

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He qualifies. He missed the cut by oh, 100 games.

Are we only considering their performances whilst with us or do guys like Paul Chapman, James Kelly get a nod?

Only what they did at Essendon. Filling out the 22 I went with Pops because he really did play well for a bloke who many thought was cooked when he finished at the Cats. Given the fantastic history lesson about some of the guys who were well before my time a lot of my selections are open to debate.


How about Allan Hird Jr for being the bridge between James and Allan Snr’s respective legacies?

If you put him even remotely close to a Best Of list, then you never saw him play.

Lucky to have played 4 games.

Yes, but, he sired James Hird which makes up for his not being good at football.

Another SA player that was seriously underrated and unfortunately had his career curtailed by injury was Kieran Sporn. I remember watching him tear up the wing for Westies and thought how kid is this kid so I was stoked when he picked him up. Had a cracking debut and played some real good footy for a season or so but his knees were made of plasticine and his career ended way too early


How’d Des Tuddenham go during his time at Windy Hill?

I thought he was very soft.

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Sporn > Mutch

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I liked Kieran Sporn. Had a magnificent mullet as well, something about the South Aussies of that time and the big flowing mullet. Sporn, Greg Anderson, Tony Antrobus. Grenvold has a decent one early in his career as well.


No disagreements there. Was a pure outside ball carrier and avoided the hard stuff but still thought he went alright