Best Guess

OK, we’re nearly there. Time for the old who do you want? / who do you think we’ll get? thread.

You know how it works

Who do I want
48 Worpel
67 Starcevich (edited from Floyd. A bit less outside, quicker, more rounded, although probably not as good a kick)
81 Narrier

Who do I think we’ll get
48 McPherson
67 Miller
81 Hayden

Bonus Rookie Guesses
11 Cassidy Parish
29 Angus Schumacher

l have no idea who we will get at # 48, but l will be deliriously happy if we manage to pick up Sambono and Dom Grant somehow.

Dodoro, do your thing, work your magic, again.

48 half back flanker
67 half back flanker
81 half back flanker



#48 Patmore
#67 McCartin
#81 Grant

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Want me some Worpel




Who do I want
48 Worpel
67 Patmore
81 Parish

Who do I think we’ll get
48 Kyron hayden (inside mid)
67 Liam Ryan (medium forward)
81 Tom De Koning (Key forward)

Bonus Rookie Guesses
11 Jonty Scharenberg (inside mid)
29 Benfti special - Dominic Grant

Tiwi Academy - A Tippungwuti

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Who cares, we have SSS.
We already win.

  1. Anyone who is a) built like a brick shithouse, b) likes to mix it in close, c) has a brain, d) can kick straight.

Ditto for the others


Anyone that has white line fever, has a sense of humour al a Mark Bosnich and can play back or forward.



Three versions of Jason Ashby

A close mate down at Eastern told me that Worpel is a poor mans Dylan Clarke.

Make of that what you will.

That doesn’t fill me with confidence.

No, I think people are married to the idea that Worpel is an inside mid who will be available around our pick, we need inside kids.

What people don’t factor in is there will be a reason why he is available at our pick.

Clarke is a better bet to in my opinion

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From my point of view I’ve been keen since @Humble_Minion talked him up last year.

He obviously didn’t progress like HM hoped, but sometimes that happens and often players in that situation get marked harder than if they’d come from nowhere to get to the same standard.

He doesn’t seem only inside to me either. He just looks a strong unit who can play football. Clarke was clearly a worse kick at the same age, but may have been a better extractor. He clearly dropped, but has done a lot right since getting to Essendon. I’d be looking for something similar from Worpel. Which is sort of why I want him. Can play football. Has some things to work on that will make him available to us, but can play.

Pick 48: Kyron Hayden
Pick 67: Tom De Koning
Pick 81: Jack Powell


I have been less invested in this draft for obvious reasons. I also have less knowledge of potential draftees this season as I have seen less school football than in other seasons.

What I think we will do…
Pick 48: James Worpel
Our next Pick: Tom McCartin
The one after that: Disco Special: Hugh Dixon*

What I hope
Pick 48: James Worpel
Our next Pick: Cassidy Parish
The one after that: Disco Special: Hugh Dixon or Benfti Special: Nathan Kreuger**

  • I take “Disco Special” to mean a player that is somewhat obscure, but has irresistable upside
    **I have not been into Benfti’s thread yet this season, I don’t even know who he is keen on for this draft. I would be happy with either form of special (Disco or Benfti) to be honest. I don’t reckon we take many of Ben’s specials though, hence why it is not in my what I think we will do.
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Pick 48: Someone Blitz absolutely hates after passing on their pre draft favourite. Everyone questions his recruitment and calls Dodoro a hack. Is best 22 in two years time.
Pick 67: Someone Blitz absolutely loves. Everyone starts putting them in their 2018 sides and calls Dodoro a genius. Is delisted in two years time.
Pick 81: Someone no-one has heard of or has much of an opinion about one way or another. Spends four years on the list while perpetually injured and without playing a senior game.



Hope we take a risk this draft with Grant (injuries) and Sambono (lack of experience/exposure) as it is a free hit due to trading.

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