Best Music Covers of all time


No Albert Hammond?


As I’ve discovered, yes, he wrote Air.
But sold the song to The Hollies, so a little out of context for my very funny joke.


So, which is the cover?

This track was written by Leonard Cohen, initially recorded by Jennifer Warnes in 1986, released in 1987, whereas Cohen’s own version wasn’t recorded and released until 1988. I have no idea whether Cohen played this live prior to Warnes and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version (for her solo release - covering a dozen of Cohen’s works) but I really like both. Since the release of these two there have been other versions recorded but the song itself takes up a very unique dual identity here - Warnes renown balladry and country crooning doesn’t play out as normal, while SRV plays his typically noodly, bluesy jamming guitar amidst a more colder, edgy sound, a fair departure from his more rousing live sets. Cohen’s narration over plastic synths for the ‘I’m your man’ LP with familiar female backing vocals, somewhat a departure from his earlier stuff. Probably for that reason, it was an album I remember seeing a lot marked down cheap, in cut out bins or second hand and unloved in the 90’s.

Guess that makes both versions interesting even if I over analyse it. I’d like to say “this is art” but really it was probably just record label cross promotion or Cohen saying “■■■■ it, not enough material I need to pad out the upcoming album.”


As you said originally, she’s batcrap crazy (capping it now with the largest and ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen – well, maybe not quite, but it’s truly awful), but she really can sing.

That version of She Moved Through the Fair was from a TV show in the late 90s called Sult-Spirit of the Music which was fronted by a bouzouki player called Donal Lunny. I came across it when I found on YouTube this version of St Dominic’s Preview by Van Morrison, which is really great and I think far better than his original album version. The backing singer is Mary Black.

Yes, I know. Off topic.



This is farking genius (from the madcap mind of Andrew Denton…)


I have a feeling there’s a few other songs like this - I’ve got a nagging feeling there’s a huge huge huge one… stuffed if I can remember it. One of those ones where the writer didn’t want it, passed it on, then it went mental, and they hopped back on board.

Surprised this hasn’t gotten a mention:

Originally “Hey kitty”, sung by a dude band, did nothing.


Not a cover, but a brilliant parody:




EDIT: This video makes me equally happy and sad. They look like they were having so much fun in this video and it really displays their obvious talents. But Bon and Malcolm are gone and Phil with all his troubles is something I can’t ignore when I see them.


Hahaha countdown!


Maybe a dead heat


Ok so i have to put a metal one here… anthrax’s classic joe jackson cover


Is this a cover or a rip off

I always think this song is going to break out any moment : go to the 32 second mark of the second clip

Driving me nuts


Just found this thread.

Watch Mehldau’s hands



Best singer in Oz?



I have a lot of respect for your opinions, GRR, but I have to say that I don’t think I have ever seen a more pretentious performer than Keith Jarrett.


There’s never been any lack of self belief there and you’re not alone in finding his stage presence irritating. It’s not new, the same physical antics were on show when he played with Miles Davis. I personally don’t notice, I’ve been listening to him, basically on a daily basis, since the 70s and he’s the greatest musician I’ve ever heard. If you look away and listen you’ll hear an exquisite and restrained version of an old classic.