Best Music Covers of all time



Life on Mars - David Bowie

Life on Mars - Trey Songz (Vinyl TV series)



Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal


Dolly Parton - Jolene

White Stripes - Jolene




While I understand that the second version is not to everyone’s taste, and I know some people think the original cover was a travesty, it was built to a purpose.
They made it a stadium anthem, which is something they needed at the time.
I’m a fan of both versions of the song, but there was only going to be one template I wanted to follow when we covered it.
And it wasn’t the one with the sparse arrangement and wibbly new wave keyboard.


Different strokes and all that… I’ll take the sparse arrangement/wibbly new wave keyboard era INXS over the stadium rawk model any day of the week!!!

For me, To Look At You/One Thing wins over Need You Tonight/Never Tear Us etc. Lost major interest after The Swing (really, after Shabooh Shoobah…)


I like most of their stuff up to and including Full Moon Dirty Hearts.
Tough to play the sparse stuff to 70k at Wembley, though.


This one comes out about even for mine. I can’t split 'em …



Original- Rickie Lee Jones

Cover- Daryl Braithwaaite


Detroit Rock City



That’s just fkn sacrilege …


That’s not a cover. That’s a carbon copy. There’s nothing new about the Monkees’ version at all.


Forever Young - Alphaville

Youth Group




Richard Cheese covers are also fantastic.