Best place to get tickets for dogs game? cheapest prefered

Just curious, i dont go to the actual games much, been a while.

But i wanted to go this sunday and take a couple other people.

From ticketek level 2 wing is $70 each. (X3 is $210) I dont have membership… is there a cheaper way to buy a ticket to the game?

Not sitting on level 2 wing?

40 dollar ones in the pocket level 3 aisle 45.

Theres that… but best place to sit?

There is general admission, would i be able to go to lvl2 wing on that???.. $25


Its etihad, literally no bad seats unless you’re next to the scoreboard.


Good viewing from L3.$25

Yep, this might be your only option (Gen.Admission $25).
Just checked the Ticketmaster Website, and it is only showing sporadic single seats left throughout the whole stadium (approx 11 singles left)

The price variations are quite significant from week to week.
For example, last week I purchased a seat on Lvl3 RowB for $35 + booking fee.
For Sunday’s game, a similar seat costs $50 + booking fee.
That’s quite a difference !

If your a Telstra customer you can get 20 dollar tickets to games. Usually in pretty crappy sections but still if your like me. Ie. a cheap skate. Its a good option.

Just go to Telstra website, search afl tickets and logon.

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For whatever reason, Ticketmaster don’t like to sell tickets, making most options unavailable for purchase and/or lies (e.g. Docklands bay 46 is “wing” and thus at an inflated price).

OK, just got 3 general admissions from ticketmaster. thanks for the advice.

Rock up 30-40mins before the bounce and you’ll find very good seats on the wing (usually 6 -10 rows back).

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I wasn’t aware of this.
A great option as it appears that some good seats are available, especially for people like myself who tend to go to games alone.
(ie.good single seats available)

I got lvl1 wing (AFL Members Section) for the Carlton game for $20.
Very good saving !

Thanks for posting Vanders…

More the pocket.

Wing etihad staff are very pedantic about reserved seating.

All done