Best place to read Blitz

No. 1, 2 or 8 for mine

May have missed a few good options; fire away!

At your mum’s place.

Doha, Qatar, 2:45am, apparently.

At your mum's place.

Please don’t go all jake brady on the carpet

A padded cell.

At your mum's place.

See you there then.

On the toilet
At work
when eating

All at once

The browser tab to the right of the LIVE JASMINE tab.

In the library at uni while everyone around me is working on assessments.

You forgot the standard multiple choice options which should be on every poll/survey:

  1. All of the above
  2. Darren Bewick

In a lecture for the past 6 years.

On the internet.

When “on the job”.

Checking in from the work toilet at the moment. Poll not extensive enough.

When "on the job".

So you are holding your phone/tablet/laptop in the other hand then?


I find the toilet is the most appropriate a lot of the time…

Touching your phone while on the toilet, you guys are disgusting.

Unless you’re jacking off at the time in which case it’s totally natural and ok

On the sofa works best pour moi.

Option 1

There’s no way I’d do this on my own time