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I find myself so bored with AFL these days and the ongoing arrogance they deliver from high above.

If it wasn’t for Blitz and my love of the EFC, I just wouldn’t bother anymore.

Went to the local footy today - the banter was great fun and the game so clear cut.

Anyway - moral of the story is that I can’t bothered interacting with footy threads at the moment.

So I was out the other night and the guy playing guitar did a brilliant version of this song by the Bee Gees and I thought it might make a good thread.

Post an original song and see if anyone can come up with a better version.

I’ll start with the original and a version that I found that I think was better. And there are a lot of versions out there so if you think there is a better one than post it.


All Shook Up by Elvis…

All Shook Up by Billy Joel

Good song…

But I like this version a little better. REM with: out- Stipe in- Zevon

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Love it. Now in my music library.

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This is my favourite version of any Elvis song, it rocks like no other version. Elvis is over rated.


There was a similar thread a little ways back.

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I Feel Love.

I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix).


Backing up the OPs choice of Ray Lamontagne

You’re over-rated. You’ve got to remember that Elvis was a pioneer. Others adapted and improved his stuff.

Much as he adapted his stuff from a certain group of others


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This is probably the obvious one to be posted here.

Now obviously what the original really, really needed, was a piano-accordion intro.

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Can you be a pioneer if you don’t write a thing, and rip off all your stage styling from earlier artists?

This is the guy who actually wrote “All Shook Up”.

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I really like both versions but Van Halen just shades it.


How good/pinching the top of the nose bad is that frame of Van Halen.

Is it able to be merged with that one?

And P.S - I must be losing it because now I remember that thread.

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Great version - I’d only heard his album Trouble and stumbled across his cover of To Love Somebody.
Going to have a listen to a bit more of his stuff now.

Haha, I similarly stumbled upon him when I was trawling through Damien Rice’s live performances and came across To Love Somebody that you posted

Love that version by Springsteen.

I just spent a few hours indulging in Rickie Lee - wow - just sublime.
Managed to get a few of her CDs off eBay for $2.99 each.