Best Win 2013

Spoiler: Not the Gold Coast game.

Has to be Anzac day for me. My first one and biggest crowd. The noise up the Essendon end when jobe got that goal will never leave me.

Never cheered more in my life when Zaka kicked the goal last week. Went absolutely nuts when the siren went too, unforgettable match.


But of course ANZAC day is right up there too. The relief that we finally beat them was warming.

ANZAC day without question for me. Question should be what was second best. In that case the Weagles game over there

Have to say the Freo game for me. That one brought tears to my eyes due to the Sack Hirdy drama going on at the time.


Very closely followed by Anzac Day and the Round 22 game against Carlton but don't ask me to separate those two!

2nd Carlton Game

Anzac day. But either of the Carlton wins were pretty close. 

1.Anzac Day- was great to not only beat them after so long but to destroy them. Jake owned Cloke as well.


2. Freo- I think people under estimate how massive a win that was, purely from a football sense. Nobody beats freo over there- especially not in the rain and coming back from 30 odd points down.


3.1st Carlton game, to see the sad little faces of the carlton players and fans was worth it alone.

Also I hope the club are cutting one hell of a highlights video for our 2013 season, it's not like there's a lack of quality footage!

All the wins on the road + Anzac Day + Carlton games

My favorite win was the Freo game by far. I can't recall being more excited over a H&A win since Anzaharakis Day. Absolutely superb. First Carlton game and ANZAC were also great.


For what its worth, I thought our win v Richmond was very very underrated. The Tiges were flying at the time, and our maniacal pressure and tacking made them drop their collective bundles. I thought it was a fantastic performance, but the fact that the game itself was an average spectacle detracted from how good we were that night.

Anzac Day for me....huge win on the biggest stage of our year

Freo...I was on my floor after the took it out of me

Anzac Day for me.


Everything about it was awesome, we played good footy on the big stage, late goals with the crowd going ape ■■■■, Jobe running to the bench to a standing ovation, the slow Essendon chant mocking the filth, the bloke who climbed the ■■■■ Reynolds statue outside gate 6, the cricketers afterwards, getting home at 3am, the alarm going off at 6.30 and me realising I had to go to work....

Freo, cant remember being that delirious for a long time.  May be the Zaka goal on Anzac day??  But I watched the Freo game straight sfter it was finished.  Loved it.

Can't go past Freo. That was ■■■■■■ awesome!


A lot of great wins this year!

Freo, cant remember being that delirious for a long time.  May be the Zaka goal on Anzac day??  But I watched the Freo game straight sfter it was finished.  Loved it.

Zaka's goal and then searching out of Pendlebury to shove him was one of the best moments of the year. We had so much swag those first few rounds.

Freo win. Just. The second Carlton win was ■■■■■■ special, though.

Every win is a great win for me, but some games/wins are better than others.
Seeing as we have to pick one, will go with the Freo game, only because I had an English guy stay with us thru last summer, for our cricket season.
He went home the week before the season started, but I gave him an Essendon cap and some memorabilia to go home with. He rang me from England, he was over the moon (had watched it on the internet).

freo by a farking country mile