Betting on The Bombers

just looking at the odds versus Fremantle


Paying $8.00 if we win by over 39 points

over 15 points 3.50


Im struggling to see how they can go in as favourites with Fyfe/Barlow out, think Ibbotson injured and Mayne under injury cloud.




walters, maybe, fyfe, barlow, ibbo all wont play.


Never bet on anything with two legs.

Never bet on anything with two legs.

What about 44 legs?

Being the eternal pessimist I’m trying to find reasons why we will lose this week and all I can come up with is “we only beat Carlton”

Our away record post 2010 has been very good

Our record against Ross Lyon is pretty good

Freo have only lost 2 of last 20 at subi, both to us

They are missing 5 key players, we are missing 2-3 and two of theirs are elite.

Good odds Houli Dooli... agree that we should be fav's

Will wait until team sheets are given out with the rumour about carlisle, and ryder not getting up plus chapp and fletcher resting.

Yeah the outs could be telling for both sides.


We would have to really break them mid 3rd qtr to get up by 39 points, not sure if we'll be able to do that in front of their home crowd.


Freo know how to defend too and will have a much bigger advantage in the ruck than caarlton did (even if Ryder plays).


I think Freo will keep coming at us and we'll be undermanned and inexpereinced, I think this one is going to be tight.