Bitcoin, and other tulips


Yep. That’s what I plan to do.


I haven’t tried yet, but I’m told POLI payments aren’t working on BTC markets. It’s apparently difficult to get money in any exchange today.

Anybody had issues?


Yep - I’m having trouble doing deposits.


Well people I tried using the exchange today. All I can say is it is laborious and manual. Would not recommend for any other reason than i found if difficult being a novice to use it. If you are used to trading FX it is probably spot on. is still the most easy to use so far but i need a second platform to split my money between exchanges.


Ok I can’t watch any longer and have to participate.

Quick question when you buy through BTC markets, why is there a volume and a price, do I determine what price I want to buy at?

Thanks and happy trading!


Ripple up to it’s highest point.

Hope everyone got on.


Nah, I thought I’d catch it at the highest point. That’s how it’s done innit?


Ripple at $4! Stellar also on a run.


Deposited some money on Sunday and it only cleared this morning, so I am in at $3.98. $2.70 would of been much nicer :frowning:

Typical down to $3.80 now, missed it by this - much!


What device do you guys store it on? Coinstop only has the Ledger Blue @ $385 in stock.

Also, Is it safe enough to use a cold wallet on a Work computer? Or would I need a brand new ‘clean’ computer that never does anything aside from trading?


Anyone dabbled with Stellar? If so how did you buy it? Coinspot still down and now accepting AUD deposits.


I use Binance for coins not on btcmarkets. You can’t deposit aud on binance so you need to buy coins on btcmarkets and transfer them to binance then trade into your preferred coin


Ledger s nano


Where’d you buy?



I’m on Stellar using CoinSpot. 300% this week! Same people as those behind Ripple.


i wanna get me a piece of this action, but realise i’m way too late and will end up getting my ■■■■ kicked by mrs pre.






When blitz starts talking about Crypto Currencies…

I hope you all do well and are not the greater fool…